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Y W A M D P | Path to Destiny


Path to Destiny

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Hi my name is Chelsea, and I am a student here at Destination Paradise.  We are more than half-way through our school, and as the end draws near, I have started looking past DTS.  Fellow students, along with myself, are wondering what we should be doing with our lives.  Before coming to DTS,  one question I struggled with most, and one I think many people find difficult, is what is God’s destiny or calling for my life?  I have never felt specifically passionate, or “called” to something, so my hope was that God would give me some magnificently clear vision while on my DTS for what He wanted me to do in the future.  We are now in week 11, and as much as I wish I could tell you that is exactly what happened, I can’t!  However, after hearing one of our speakers, I have a new perspective of God’s destiny for me that brought me so much freedom.

Whenever I thought about my future, and making choices, it always made me really nervous.  I would worry that I was going to choose wrong and miss out on what God had planned for me, but that isn’t how it works at all.  God’s call on everyone’s life, mine included, is to be in relationship with Him.  Therefore if we are already in a relationship with Him, we are already fulfilling God’s destiny for our lives.  As we walk through life with God, and choices arise, He will make His will known to us, or He will give us an option.  God created us to have free will, so sometimes we will have to make a choice, but since God loves us so much, He will bless us in whichever choice we make, as long as we are doing it with Him.

This concept was so freeing for me, and completely took the pressure off.  I don’t have to be stuck waiting for God to reveal the whole blueprint of my life to me.  In fact, I need to be moving.  That’s the responsibility I have to assume.  Sometimes in life I think it’s easier to sit back and say I am just waiting for guidance and direction from God.  Yes, I recognize there are those seasons of waiting in life.  But what I have learned recently is that there are other times you have to take action.  Making the choice to step out in faith and rely on God to direct your path.  It may take courage, and boldness at times, but it’s just like driving a car.  You can’t steer it down the road if it’s not already moving.  In the same way God cannot guide a person who is idling through life.

So as I near the end of lecture phase, and thoughts of what to do after DTS run through my mind, I can have peace.  Even though God hasn’t revealed His “master plan” for my life, I have freedom in knowing that it doesn’t matter.  Just by being in relationship with God, I am already fulfilling what He has called me to, and He will guide me as I live life with Him.  Sometimes He may point me down a specific road, but other times He may just put me at a crossroads, and I will just have to take a leap of faith and choose, having the assurance He will catch me whichever way I fall!

Chelsea Funk – January 2012 Leadership DTS

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