Our Homecoming

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How both challenging and liberating it is to discover that space is intimately associated with salvation! Space is freedom from confinement, from preoccupation, from oppression, from drivenness, 1395220_10201557271828676_786109554_nand from all other interior and exterior forces that bind and restrict our spirits. Accept the reality of our incompleteness. Our incompleteness does not make us unacceptable to God, but makes us vulnerable to be built new in him. It has been an amazing week learning from Jeff Pratt. He brought a whole new perspective and teaching style to our DTS with amazing stories that connected the love of God for us through visual movie clips or just thought provoking life stories. Jeff spoke in Spiritual pathways – Freedom is less of and event and more of an awakening, a coming home journey. True spirituality is not a search for perfection or control, but rather a search for divine union now with our Heavenly Father. It is exploring a gift that has already been given. “It’s not trying it’s training”. If you take no risks you risk not 1415683_4955092055612_782867333_nliving. God calls us out of the boat to walk upon the waters. Humility of self, and a boasting in our weakness, to have a sense of pride inside the love of Christ. To the degree you have humility in your life is to that degree you’ll have authority. Who we are inside determines what we see. What we see determines what we do. You can’t offend the dead man. If you’re dead to yourself and alive in God how can you be offended? DTS in its simplest form just means Die To Self. We are on a journey in life to find freedom from our oppression of sin. Without the compass of God we are lost in a storm of darkness. It’s the active pursuit of the spirit and mind that leads us to a relationship with our Heavenly Father. Our contemplate journey as Jeff showed us.
• Know yourself better.
• Know God better.
• Know your missional purpose better.
God doesn’t desire solely discipleship, healing, missions, or even preaching His word. He desires a real communion with us, a loving marriage of Father and creation. He longs for a “coming home” a realization in our hearts that God is a lover, a father and a friend. A true living God of love, who wants a real, continual, living, relationship. Dying to self and being made new. We can only be loved to the extent that we are known. And God knows us and loves us inside of that more than our minds will ever comprehend.
1420251_4955092095613_1528952994_n“When dealing with our struggle to experience God the issue is not so much one of Gods presence or absence as it is of the presence or absence of God in our awareness”.
“Live in me. Make your home in me as I do in you.” – John 15:4
God’s love is found in his creation. And His creation reflects his Devine power and grace. If I have learned anything in my growth with Jesus over the past week it is that God wants me where I am now not a future me. I desire to love because He has already loved me. A dying to myself and be made new in him.

John Mark Wheeler-September 2013 DTS Student

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