Pinky Promises

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This past week we had the lovely (princess) Tiffany Thompson speak to us on God’s “pinky promises”. She used an acronym with the word pinky… P: we are PRECIOUS to God and worth his time and affection – Psalms 139:17-18. I: Gods power is IMMEASURABLY awesome – Ephesians 3:20. N: God will NEVER leave us and is always here with us – Hebrews 13:5. K: Gods KINGDOM cannot be put into a box – John 18:36. Y: “YOU” Lord are the light and you never dim – Matthew 14:5).

644506_10152030978887667_45260086_n“We are created in Gods image”… For girls we have had Barbie pushed at us from a young age. Many girls have played with Barbies and subconsciously wished to be them. Young girls have grown up with this false image. Scientists have created a real life Barbie and she physically couldn’t live. For guys it’s all about the muscles and “six packs”. Now that companies have sold all they could to girls, they are targeting guys. Guys are slowly turning more and more to what the media is saying it means to be a guy. How we view ourselves directly affects our relationship with God. Since God is beautiful, and we are created in His image, every person on the planet is beautiful too!

“Personally God has shown me that being real with ourselves and accepting what he gave us leads to freedom. When I saw myself the way God does I became a happier me with more appreciation. Also I learned expressing our emotions is vital and when I did I was able to hear God clearer than ever before.” – Jaymie.
“Princess Tiffany definitely spoke light into my life this past week. Her stories, words of wisdom, and love for each one of us – and more 1425756_10152030978937667_1680025789_nimportantly her hubby – truly made her stand out and shone her love for God so brightly. Tiffany was able to make us feel special and like princesses and warriors of God all week; which is how we should see ourselves all the time, because God does! She was an inspiration, and personally taught me a lot regarding the 5 pinky promises of God. We finished our time together by painting our pinky nail, pink, to remind us of Gods love for us ” – Ashley.

“Our fear in life should not be that we won’t be successful but that we will be successful in things that don’t matter.”

Jaymie Poage & Ashley Rowswell- September 2013 DTS Students

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