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Last Saturday, we had the amazing opportunity to help out at an up and coming Christian school here on the island, Living Tree Academy. Living Tree Academy will be a place for the young children in San Pedro to go to school while learning more about God. The school is still in its beginning stages of being built and have yet to start building any of the actual buildings that will be classrooms, but they have been actively working on preparing the ground in order to start the build.

1010410_737396039612476_1385720203_nWhen we arrived at the school we were greeted by Shannon and Anthony who are overseeing this amazing project. They graciously took us to the work site on golf carts so we would not have to walk through the knee deep mud pit! Upon arriving at the work site, we had the pleasure of being introduced to what Living Tree Academy’s purpose and vision is as well as hearing what we would be working on for the duration of our time there. We were assigned the task of planting coconut trees around the grounds. To start, we all picked a job to do, jobs like: block carrier, builder, sand transporter, tree planter, etc. We were all taught how to do our job and started right away with the work. My job was to build the planters out of blocks that the coconut trees would be planted in. I quickly became extremely thankful to those that were carrying the blocks over to me as the blocks were quite heavy. In total we built nine planters and planted nine trees but not without getting wet (from the sudden downpour of rain) and muddy¬†(the ground was quite wet and in some areas it was hard not to sink in up to your ankles!)

1782180_737394672945946_554275381_nAll in all, we had a great time working together as a team, getting dirty and serving as the hands and feet of God. We were so blessed to be able to help out Living Tree Academy and serve God through them! I am looking forward to having more ministry opportunities while still here in Belize during lecture phase, but also looking forward to ways we can serve God while on outreach!
Emma Allen – January 2014 Leadership DTS
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