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Faith has to be a personal and intimate thing. If faith is not personal thing, it is nothing else than guidelines to live by. Here at DP we welcome so many people who are looking to personalize their relationship with Christ. Running a Discipleship Training School is all about creating a space where people can seek a personal relationship in an uninterrupted environment. Faith is personal. Relationship requires time and work as trust is an additional choice. I am honored to be a part of a team that creates the space for people to find these things for themselves as we continue to grow along side the students.

IMG_1660“Release” is my word for this next season; it is mine to grow in until I understand what that looks like for me. Walking with Christ is an amazing journey on which I continuously am challenged to trust and have faith in him. Releasing my desires, my hopes and worries is what God is asking me to do. Trust and faith are two essential things that I am growing in with my relationship with Him. My relationship with Him would be non-existent if I did not trust him or have faith in him.

For me in this season, faith is all about letting go and trusting God with every little piece of my life. God is showing me things in my life that he wants me to set free; he is shining his light on some of the things I still haven’t let go of. He is asking me to let go of these things because they have greater value to me than Him. Jesus wants to be most important to me, above everything else. As he brings these things to my attention it challenges me to re-evaluate what I put my value in.

“Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand
and becoming comfortable with not knowing.”

This is exactly why God is asking me to release things/people/dreams to him. I need to trust him so much that I don’t need to know; that the unknown becomes comfortable for me because I know Him and his desires for me. I have already discovered that when I release control and set my trust in him, I feel less burdened, I feel light and I have more joy in the everyday things.

I have great expectancy for the next season as God continues to teach me about releasing. God doesn’t show us things without taking action and moving in them and I know that he wants to help me let go, trust him, and be free.

Siemona Kongsgaard


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