God Is Infinite

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This week has been awesome!! On Monday it was supper encouraging to be reminded of how God speaks to us in many different ways. Also, it was interesting when Whitney gave a short summary of God’s plan all throughout the Bible of drawing mankind nearer to him. I felt I received fresh excitement for scripture through Whitney’s enthusiasm. Tuesday we took a little different of an approach. She spoke on the life of Moses throughout the book of Exodus. I really enjoyed our discussion times where we split into groups to read and discuss different parts of Moses’s life. Two main things I learned was 1. God took the Israelites on a long journey to the promised land because He knew they weren’t ready yet (He was developing faith in them) 2. God doesn’t call us to have blind faith. In addition to this He knows how much faith we have and has patience to grow our faith through situations and life. Whitney did an awesome job at explaining faith!

The rest of the week was awesome. We practiced many different approaches to hearing God’s voice. One approach was asking God “what do you think about me” and just writing down whatever came to your head. This was really cool because I oftentimes overcomplicate hearing the voice of God. Also, I was reminded through Whitney’s teaching of the lack of power the enemy has. He does not know our thoughts but he studies our actions. We can have confidence knowing God is infinite but the enemy is finite. This week was awesome!

Jessica Hoffman


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