God Is In Control

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For the first week of our outreach we headed to England for roughly ten days. Our flight left from Belize City to Toronto, and from there to London. We arrived on Saturday the 26th around 11:00 am. We stayed just outside of London at a YWAM base in Harpenden. It was beautiful. Right as we walked up we were all amazed at how nice the atmosphere was. Everyone was so loving.

The first couple of days were a little tiring but we did things to keep us awake so we didn’t experience much jetlag. Sunday evening we all decided to go downtown Harpenden. They had lots of decorations up for Christmas and had a market going on. I personally had a significant moment from that evening. We went into a store called “M&S” and I saw a dozen of roses for five pounds. Which is extremely cheap compared to where I’m from. As you may not know, God has shown me a rose every time I struggle with trusting him just to symbolize “trust me”. I had a difficult time with trusting God with protecting my family. So, when I did finally trust Him, He showed me a picture of a bouquet of roses. So, I decided I wanted to get the dozen of roses. After I bought them, I had the team by me and I gave each and everyone one of them a rose signifying that they are my new family and I trust God to protect them and take care of them. It was a wonderful moment for our new becoming family.

 We had a great time downtown Harpenden but, our main purpose in England was to get visas into Mozambique. So, earlier that Sunday we interceded for a smooth process with the visas. We were all excited and felt like it was going to be an easy thing to do. The following Monday, we headed into London to go to the Mozambique Embassy. Before we entered, we stood outside and prayed for the people in the embassy. We went in with a few other people and waited until they called us up. Once they did, Rachel talked to the lady, Rabeca, about our visas. Rabeca told Rachel that the Europeans were able to get their visas but the Americans couldn’t because they have to go to the Mozambican Embassy in America. We all were shocked by this because we felt like it was going to be a smooth process. Rabeca told Rachel that she was going to call someone and around 3:00 pm she would call Rachel with news about Americans getting the visas. Throughout the day we stopped and prayed multiple times. Just before 3:00, we gathered around in a circle and prayed. As Rachel got the phone call we continued to pray until she was off the phone. Rebeca had told Rachel that there was absolutely nothing that they could do. After another difficult phone call Rabeca mentioned to call again tomorrow.

Throughout the night we prayed and prayed about our visas. The next day we stayed in Harpenden and had team time and prayed more. Later that night Rachel gave Rabeca another call to see if there was anything that they could do. Shortly after, we all got a message in our group chat saying that the Americans can get their visas! We were all extremely excited. By the end of the week on Friday, all eleven of us had our visas.

We all learned a lot from this experience. We learned that God is in control over everything and to keep praying especially when things get tough. I personally learned that just because things don’t always go as planned doesn’t mean God isn’t in control. This past week in London was great for our team. Being together for that week helped us learn a lot from each other. It was a blessing from God that we got our visas and got to spend time with each other to grow as a family.

By: Abigail Dannenberg

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