Our Greatest Testimony

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After wrapping up our amazing time in Chisinau, Moldova, this week we have had the opportunity to work in an orphanage alongside a ministry run by Raluca Farcas called ‘Mission Impossible.’ This ministry gives young girls a home, education, love and most importantly the opportunity to learn about God. Even though the term we use for these girls is ‘orphan’ it doesn’t necessarily imply the normal definition of orphan. Some of them actually don’t have either parents, but most of them actually do have parents or at least one. In Moldova a lot of the children living in orphanages do have at least one parent still around but the people of Moldova suffer from so much poverty that they often have to send their children to orphanages simply because they can’t afford to raise them themselves. Raluca’s ministry gives girls a home until they are able to stand on their own two feet.

During our time here so far, we have gotten the opportunity to build relationships with the girls, run English classes for them, visit local schools and villages, as well as visit nursing homes and run street kids ministry programs. It has been so amazing to see God’s hand at work here in Moldova and pour out his love to the people here.

After the first of arriving at the orphanage, many of our team members began getting sick myself included and I started to become overwhelmed by the many obstacles I have faced while being here. I began to try to begin to press into his word and try and learn what God had been trying to teach me through this seemingly impossible season. One night when we were having a team meeting with Raluca, she began to share with us what God had been putting on her heart to share with us for our team here at the orphanage. She began to read from Acts 27 and 28 about the story of Paul and how during this time in his life he experienced every kind of storm imaginable. He finally reached the land of Malta, and when he was bit by a snake he took his bitten hand and asked how can I heal?

I’ve come to learn the God doesn’t always give us an explanation, but what He does give is a revelation. Our greatest testimony sometimes isn’t what we say with our words but the way we act whilst we are in the storm. In this season I have chosen to turn the question of “Why me?” to “What are you teaching me in this season God?”

I am so excited to see how God will continue to work in my team, as well as the people of Moldova.
Paige Nagata
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