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Y W A M D P | Staff

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The staff at YWAM DP give their all to keep the campus and mission going strong – from coordinating the kitchen and repairing Casitas, to leading outreaches and encouraging our students to dive in deeper with God. Our staff, together with the students, form a close community – we like to consider it a family! Click on any of the the links to individual staff below to meet them and help support their work. At the end of each staff bio, you can find a link to set up a recurring monthly donation and financially support a staff member automatically every month!

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A message from YWAM DP founders Chris and Lynn Toney

Chris and Lynn

It is truly a privilege to have received and accepted God’s invitation to serve with Him in His mission through YWAM DP.  This is such an exciting adventure filled expression of ministry in a wonderful location on the beach in Belize.  Lives are changed both here on the campus and around the world as we put learning into practice through love in action.  We love helping people see, understand and experience how much God loves them and how deeply He desires closeness and intimacy with everyone.   People who simply want to ‘go through the motions’ should go somewhere else.  YWAM DP is a place where people truly get equipped to make a difference in the lives of real people in real places dealing with real issues.  The University of the Nations foundational DTS schools are offered every academic quarter and U of N second level schools in Bible, Counseling and Worship occur throughout the year.  This well rounded course offerings reflect our desire to build a strong foundation for the ministry and in the lives of those who study, serve, and support it.  Whether this is your first time on the YWAM DP website and are new to this ministry or have been a part of what God is doing in and through us for very many years, we welcome you, thank you and pray that you are greatly blessed as you are indeed a blessing.