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St. Lucia Outreach: Week 4

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unnamed (1)It is crazy how quickly our time here passes. We have just finished week 4 and it feels as though we just arrived! This past week has been a busy week of unity and relationship with our St Lucian Family and locals in the community.
On Sunday we went to a Pentecostal church near to where we are staying. I fell in love with the worship; so full of life and joy that you can’t help but join in and dance! In the afternoon Nadia and I made our regular visit to some friends here and spent some time praying for Merlyn who is sick and was in pain, and having some fun with her daughters and son; we helped teach the youngest how to write, then spent time in fellowship playing dominos in the evening.
Following our visit on Sunday to the Pentecostal Church, we were invited I various youth events happening that week and so on Monday we went to their youth worship evening. Here, were told to find a partner and share some praise moments we have encountered in our lives. I had the cutest, lovable little girl Thomasa. She shared that she loves to dance. One of her praise moments was a  fairly recent one. She broke her leg early this year and was told she might not ever be able to walk again. 4 weeks later she went back for her check up, and was healed! We then prayed and praised God together, thanking Him for her ability to dance and all the amazing things he has done for us. That night, we also did a small drama where we acted out how easy it is to get stuck in sin, and how powerless we are to escape it on our own strength. We combined this with short testimonies, using one word  each held up, followed by a brief description. It was so awesome that we were able to reach and relate to many of the young people there. At the end of the evening a young girl, Leanna approached me wanting a chat, so we arranged to meet on Fridayunnamed
So I was blessed to be able to celebrate my 21st birthday whilst on outreach! Because of this, we chose this day to be our day off for the week. I felt so loved that people here in the community made the effort to visit me and spend time with me to celebrate. In the morning, I was greeted by Sister Lucy who lives down the road. She handpicked me 4 guavas and sang me a birthday song. I then got to experience a waterfall for the first time ever where I had the company of Merlyn and her family as well as a few others. We spent the majority of the day there, it was beautiful.


Later on in the week, the unity and relationship theme corresponded;

We held a ‘Bless Giliane Day’ where we blessed our host by treating her to a massage by our very own Massage Therapist, Katherine. We then prayed for her and gave her card I had made her and we all wrote messages inside. She deserved all the love she got and was ever so grateful for the day.
unnamed (2)On Friday we had the opportunity to go back to the Holy Family Children’s home further up the island. We helped out with a fundraising event they were having, preparing food to feed 400. So the day was spent helping with that. In the evening we attended another of the Youth events held at the Pastor’s house. Here I was able to have my chat with Leanna where she shared a lot of personal challenges she was facing and I was able to give advice and encouragement and set a goal for her to try reach by the next time I see her, on Sunday.
All in all, this week has been so relationship focused and being able to spend quality time with these people is such a privilege.
In John 15:12 it says ‘“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” During this trip, love has been shown in so many ways, so many places, through so many people. And no matter what we are doing here to serve and help the community, sometimes all people need is love.
Amanda Griffin – DTS Student, January, 2015

Central Asia Outreach: Week 3

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThis week we started an opportunity to teach English at a local kindergarten/elementary school. We were led to the school while walking and talking to Dad one morning. When we saw their enthusiasm and desire for us to teach their students, we knew for sure that Dad had led us there and opened this door for us. We were so excited we quickly started lesson planning and learning all sorts of songs and games to teach kids from the ages of 2-6. So far we have split into pairs, teaching kids basic English such as greetings, colors, numbers, and parts of the body.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOne of our biggest challenges has been not knowing any Chinese since most of the teachers speak very little English. Because of this it is very hard to instruct the class and to keep the attention of a room full of 5 year olds. Fortunately, their incredibly adorable faces usually make up for the chaos! With each class we enter we have no idea what to expect except for the unexpected. No matter what we can always rest assured that Dad is giving us new opportunities to show His love to the students and teachers.

image (1.2)Amidst the challenges we are learning that when we are given more than we can handle, all we have to do is give it to Dad and allow him to lead and guide us. He is always faithful to deliver! As we begin another week at the school we are confident that Dad will give us the energy, wisdom, and patience we need to represent him well in this place. We can’t wait to see how He uses us in this kindergarten!

Amanda Harris – DTS Student, January, 2015

St. Lucia Outreach: Week 3

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11036591_10153255709575645_6166486572512742203_nI love reading. God often speaks to me through books or uses them to answer questions I don`t seem to find an answer to anywhere else.  As usual, I packed some books to take with me on our outreach to St. Lucia.  About two weeks into my outreach, I start to read a story about a Nobody named Ordinary, from the land of Familiar being one day woken up to his dream that was given to him by Dream Giver himself. As Ordinary sets on a journey he has to face many obstacles and challenges to pursue his dream. Right after he overcomes fear of stepping into the unknown and sets on his journey he gets into the place called Wasteland. The path disappears, he walks for days in circles with no directions as where to go next and what`s worst Dream Giver remains silent. He is nowhere to be found. Where is Dream Giver when he needs him the most? Moreover, the closer he gets to his dream, the more he starts to miss the Land of Familiar. Finally, when he arrives into the Land of Promise and finds his dream, it leaves him disappointed as what he sees looks nothing like his dream at first.

IMG_0849The first two weeks on our outreach, I found myself walking in Ordinary`s steps. Missing my Land of Familiar, things that I am used to, things that make sense to me, people I know, routine I can rely on. This certainly does not look like anything I dreamed about or asked for. What`s worst, I can`t find any trace of Dream Giver in all of this at all. Yet it was so clear to me that coming to Belize was God`s plan for my life. It was there where I experienced his presence in such a powerful way. Is it possible that He would just leave us now? Was this all a mistake? Although I cannot see him now, I can`t believe that He would have just forgotten about us being here. Then I read in Isaiah 43,10 You are my witness and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may KNOW and TRUST me. Belize was a place where God called us to get to know Him. Our outreach is a place where God wants to teach us to trust Him. We can trust Him only when things don`t seem to make sense. When things get difficult and confusing, when we lose a sign of Him. We are called to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and do not lean on our own understanding (Proverb 3,5). We learn to be patient, believe that he never leaves us and He is still in control.

11048726_10153255709970645_4893764422307424197_nDuring our third week here in St. Lucia, we had an opportunity to minister in Villa St. Joseph, a nursing home for elderly people. When we arrived to Dennery, a small town where the nursing home is situated and asked for direction, we were offered a free ride in a local Police car. The nursing home is run by Catholic church and takes care of elderly people in need. We got to know mainly the ladies there. We painted their nails, talked and prayed with them. After our prayer for Mariah, we were surprised to hear her telling us about freedom she experienced after our prayer. It reminded us of words spoken to us before our trip had even begun that our team was to bring freedom to the island. We spent our free day enjoying one of the most beautiful beaches in St. Lucia. Near the end of the week we visited a local YWAM base, met with staff and students and discussed various mission opportunities available on the island. We are excited to learn where God will lead us in next the coming weeks.


Lenka Novotna – DTS student, January, 2015

You Are My Vision!

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Without a vision, the people will perish.

image11 This week the whole team got to help out a lot with of different ministries within the town of Temuco and interact with many families from the church we are working with called San Mateo. We painted a lot of different houses and churches. We also visited a little church on a huge farm within the mountains. The family fed us a lot of food and we got to establish relationship with them, they showed us their farm, apple orchard, cows that we took many pictures with and we got to paint their church.  Me and another guy on the team were able to help cook lunch with the ladies on the farm for my other teammates who were painting the church. I learned how to make yummy food called sope-I-Pia, which is like a donut that is fried and you put salsa on it! I talked to the family who lived on the farm; they lived a very simple life together and were happy.

image2 (1)We also got to do a skit and sing songs for a boarding school in the mountains. We did a skit on David and Goliath and we explained it to the kids and Heather gave a testimony that went along with the story.  We got invited back Thursday to play the kids, so the whole team and myself are looking forward to that very much!

image2Sunday we went to church and got invited to many different peoples houses. I was with Jenna and we went to a lady’s house and helped cooked lunch, she did our hair because she has a hair salon in her house, we talked for a very long time about her life and we met her daughter who we also got to know a lot. They spoke no English so my brain hurt at the end of the day, but what a blessing is was to be blessed by people who don’t even know us. After that the whole team went to another lady’s house were she fed us dinner and we got to talk about our days and how we were so blessed by all the people who hosted us for lunch.

image3This week for me has been awesome but honestly I lost sight of why I’m here. We have been very busy and I haven’t got much alone time but as I was reading my bible today God reminded me of many things. He reminded me that he is my vision. That my own desires in my life, the time I’m selfish, were becoming my vision, my focus this week. They were my focus instead of Him.  I was brought to the verses Philippians 3:7-11, Colossians 3:1-3 and Hebrews 12:1-2 where it talks about considering everything a loss to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ. My visions comes from these verse and my vision is to know His power and share in His suffering, I want to set my mind on heavenly things, and throw off everything that hinders me from him and run this race with my eyes focused on Him not looking to right or the left, or steering from side to side. Even if you’re the greatest missionary in the world you still need to keep Him as your vision. Many times I lose sight of why I am where I am, and serving Him wholeheartedly for his glory and not my own. God reminded me that He is my vision! That no matter what I do it needs to be for Him, never my own glory!

image1I think of John the Baptist, the one who prepared the way for Jesus. All of Israel was coming to get baptized by him, almost everyone knew who he was. But once Jesus came to this earth he said my favorite verse in the whole world, John 3:30, which says: “He must become greater, I must become less”. He realized the importance of Jesus coming and he humbled himself before Him. We should all take the example of John the Baptist, humbling our selves, realizing that we are not to be the one who is glorified, God is our vision and to realize the importance of that is to humble our self to make Him our vision!

Kristine Pask – DTS Student, January, 2015

Chile Outreach: Week Two

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After 2 nights in Santiago we headed south to Temuco. Here we have been working with the YWAM base and a local church where have been able to make relationships, while assisting in service around the community.

Maurits Wesoe – DTS Student, January, 2015