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St Lucia Outreach: Week Two

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This week we were introduced to one of Gilaine’s sisters (Gilaine is the lady we’re staying with!). Her sister is sick with cancer, she’s had it for 4 years now. It was such a blessing to meet her and her family and spent time with them. They were so welcoming to us and they have a great family! I love them all so much! At the end of the night we prayed for healing over her. As we prayed I cried. This isn’t an easy thing she is going through and it reminded me so much of my aunt who passed a few years ago from cancer. That was kind of hard! Seriously though, this lady is the sweetest, so strong and most precious! (And she makes an excellent cow heel soup!!!)


image (1)(Merlyn is the one in the pink and black stripe shirt. Gilaine is in the green shirt.)

NadiaThis week we also went to a children’s home where they accommodate for orphaned,abandoned, neglected and abused children. Whilst there, we met 4 boys; Joshua, Amos, Orlando and baby Elijah! These kids were so precious! We made crafts, painted our names on the back of their crafts building, face painting, ate mangoes and hung out with them! These boys all had so much joy to them! Many of these children have been in this home since they were 6 months and some from as young as 7 days old. Most of these boys have lived here their whole lives. I just wanted to take them all home with me!

imageWe have been so blessed by this family that has welcomed us in. We celebrated Terence’s birthday on Friday. We had a bunch of the family come over and had a jam session! This family is so on fire for God and is very passionate about music that it is so fun to be a part of. The community here is so fun, loving and you always have such a good time with everyone around you! Through this time we’ve been here we have made lots of relationships with people! I love this family that we’ve been welcomed into and I’m so thankful that God has placed us here!

preachGod’s been working through our team in many ways over these last two weeks! Our theme for this trip is relationships and we have met many people and even in the home were staying at just having good relationships with them!

Nadia Loewen -DTS Student, January, 2015

Central Asia Outreach: It’s Only the Beginning

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It’s Only the Beginning


I don’t think it really hit us until we were thousands of feet above the ground, flying over California, and getting “comfortable” for our fourteen hour flight to Central Asia. Tears began to fill my eyes as the realization of what our team was doing and the gravity of how much we would need the strength and guidance of Dad on this trip started to sink in.


Upon arrival to our location we were rushed into an elevator by a woman and were loaded into a van that would take us to our first destination, our hotel. We were all very jet lagged but also very excited as we passed huge skyscrapers and tried to communicate with our driver through technology and hand signals. We ended up staying at a local’s hotel and called this our home for the first week. Chopsticks, no contacts, unfamiliar land, and tiredness made us turn to Dad for strength and for Him to lead us on. We learned to cook rice and noodles in our hotel rooms, a little hesitant to eat what didn’t look recognizable on the streets, while short-circuiting the power in the hotel…. Oops. Exploring was breathtaking and the cultural differences were shocking as we tried to become accustomed to the culture and love on the people the best we could.


At last we met Jason, a gift from Dad, that led us to soup filed dumplings, an amazing skyline, and the hope that we were here for a reason. We were invited to our first fellowship where it was refreshing to look upon the One we serve and become more dedicated to the mission and cause. We celebrated Easter weekend as a family, with Jason of course, feeling the call of Dad to stay in our first city yet another week. There’s no doubt in my mind this will be an experience of a lifetime and we will learn that giving is better than receiving.


Michaela Ragsdale – DTS Student, January, 2015


Week One in St Lucia

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Hey its Katherine giving you an update on our first week here. So before we even left the country we were blessed in the Belize City airport. While sitting in the airport we sat near a couple who were eager to hear where we were going and the things we were going to do. After talking to us, they decided blessed us each with $20 U.S for dinner that night in the Dallas airport because of how excited we were for American food.










We arrived at the Vieux Fort, St Lucia airport about 1 pm the next day.  As we were going through the immigration line and were called to the stand the lady had a name tag on her shirt and instead of a name there was a verse written on it and it read Ephesians 3:17.  We were so surprised to see this because Ephesians 3 has been the passage that we have used as a theme for our outreach. It was such a reassurance to our team that God has gone before us is anointing this trip and has joined with us to spread His love to the people in this country.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 5.40.59 PM


The week started slow, some of the girls weren’t feeling well for a while Thursday we had a Bible study at the house where people from the community are welcome to come. It was fun to get to know some of the ladies in the neighborhood and hear their life stories.

One day I went down to the river behind the house and sat on a big rock praying in the quiet when a man came down the hill to cross the river.  He greeted me, saw that I had my Bible beside me and asked me what I was doing. I asked him if he was a Christian and his words were “I guess so” he said hesitantly and then asked me if id read something from Bible. So I did and we had great conversation of about Gods love for us.

unnamed (1)


Easter Sunday we got the opportunity to speak at a local church. We were greeted and welcomed by each person that came that morning. While in church we shared our testimonies, put on a skit and most of us got to share something, all in all it was a great experience and the a lot of the church members were touched by what we had to share with them. Then in the evening we went to a different church where Rachael daughter of the couple we are staying with had a Easter play that they had been working for a long time. It was a long day and we were ready for bed.

unnamed (2)



These are just a few of the many opportunities and experiences we have had during our time here so far. God has been working through us in all kinds of ways, from a simple conversation with someone, to stepping out of our comfort zones and speaking in front of a local Church. I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for the next 6 weeks to come! Keep watching as we continue to update you weekly with stories and the work we are doing her in this beautiful country.

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Katherine Peters, DTS – January, 2015

Come In April

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Our April DTS is fast approaching and as our YWAM DP staff, and community have been praying we have sensed that the Lord is orchestrating something exciting for this DTS. As we have prayed and listened, we as a base have a great expectancy for the awesome things God WILL do in this school!
As our YWAM DP community has prayed for this upcoming school, a few past students wanted to share their experience in the hopes of encouraging others to embrace the adventure.

“My DTS experience was by far the most impactful event of my faith journey. I learned more about the Lord, others, and myself than I ever anticipated learning in a five-month period. I continue to be transformed by Him and daily see the fruits of the foundation that was built during that time — I’m ridiculously thankful for the knowledge, growth, experiences and relationships that came from doing a DTS with YWAM DP!” 

-Katie Bell (September 2013)

“My DTS experience was less of a walk of faith, and more of a beginning to a journey of faith. God began the long process of planting good things in me, and pulling out my weeds. I there began to understand God’s overwhelming love for me, and how much I need him in my day to day life.”

-James Foster (September 2014)

“I did my DTS last April and that is when Jesus completely captivated me and ruined me for the ordinary! My DTS was much more than just an experience, it was an amazing foundation for the rest of my life in relationship with Jesus. It helped me understand more about my purpose on this earth and what it means to live out Jesus’s greatest commandment of loving Him with your everything and loving others. I am so grateful for stepping out in huge faith and choosing to do my DTS last April, I will never be the same.”

-Stef Rosu (April 2014)

For those of you considering a DTS we want to encourage you to go ahead and take the first step by contacting us. Regardless of whether or not you have everything all sorted out, or are even sure about attending, let us give you the tools and information to help you decide. Adventure rarely comes without a bit of risk, so we challenge you to step out, and invite us to be apart of the awesome things God has in store for you!

And for those that have completed a DTS already, you can testify that the experience is one of a kind, and life changing almost seems to fall short in the description of it. As we pray in this April school we invite you to pray along side of us, as well as engage in our community by sharing our posts and photos on Instagram and Facebook with #comeinapril

Will Richardson – DP Staff