Hello My Name is… Forgiven

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Take a deep breath.

My heart is racing right now just thinking about it.

Okay, here we go… Freedom.

What is it? Freedom is a choice.

The best thing about God while also being the worst thing about God is how much of a gentleman He is. He gave us free will and we chose sin and death over Him. But through the miracle of the cross we can still have eternal life through Jesus. However, we have to choose that. God is a gentleman. I will say it again and again because that’s what He is. He is willing to go only as far as you are willing to give Him. He wants to take all your crap from you and give you freedom but if you say, “No, God, not this. You can have everything else but you can’t touch this thing,” then He won’t. He’ll stop. Ugh, it’s so frustrating!


I don’t know what’s best for myself, only He does!

If only we were willing to give Him everything!

But I made a concrete decision during my first week of Lectures to live life with open hands, trusting Him to take anything He wanted to work on in me and make me new. I laugh now because it was nuts. Totally and completely the most tear-filled, joy-filled, wild and crazy week of my entire life.

I learned the true significance of what our God did for us on the cross as well as the gift that we have been given because of that.

Did you get that? We have already been given the gift of freedom.

The package is sitting on our front porch just waiting to be unwrapped if only we would open the door.

I didn’t know that.

Or maybe I did but I certainly didn’t think I deserved it.

The Enemy was bringing me down hardcore with thoughts of unworthiness.

So I owned it.

I said “heck yeah I’m unworthy of this grace and this gift but you know what, I’m going to accept it anyway!”

We will never be worthy of God and of the way He loves us. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. But what really hit me about this was how selfish that thought was. Saying “sorry God, I can’t accept this even though you have already paid for this gift and thrown away the receipt… I’m just not worthy.”


Isn’t that selfish? It’s done, it’s over, He did it and He did it for me and for you!

The price has already been paid, get over it and accept it already!

So I did. And it was friggin’ unbelievable. All of my chains and my bondage that I didn’t even know I had came out. And it sucked. We literally had a day where I cried for 4 hours straight. I asked my best friend (via Facebook messaging) if that was even anatomically possible. She said no. But it happened, I kid you not!

This is my home and the people I am with here are my family. Through crying together and affirming each other and speaking out what was holding us back from full freedom we grew closer. Don’t get me wrong, it was terrifying. Imagine the worst thing you have ever done or even thought in your head. Imagine your greatest fear. Imagine the lies that were spoken over you as a child that have now absorbed into your identity….


Now imagine speaking all of that hurty-hurt stuff out loud in front of others. Imagine it being taken away from you. Imagine feeling instantly lighter and more free while also feeling like you don’t even know who you are anymore.

That’s what I felt.

So I am being made new.

I am still the same but I am also completely different.

Sometimes I look at myself now and wonder, how I could even stand up as the old me?

How I could even continue living when so much yuck was weighing me down?

Hello, My name is… Forgiven.

Kara-Beth Amuzzini – September 2014 DTS

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Leading a Crusade

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During our time in Jamaica we spent some time in the community of Spice Grove helping Nadeene (a staff member at YWAM Stones Hope, and the head of her late father’s church) organize and facilitate an evangelistic crusade to bring people in the community to the revelation of Jesus Christ and to help further establish His church in the community.

10743791_10152783399362618_897877074_nWe visited an elementary school in Spice Grove and planned a time of devotional with them. We sang songs and acted out the Bible story, David and Goliath, which the kids really seemed to enjoy. Some of us shared how God had helped us defeat the giants in our own lives the same way He helped David defeat Goliath. We then split up into two groups and went out into the community. We passed out flyers regarding the crusade, prayed for people and established relationships.

Later that week, we went to a home for mentally and physically handicapped children. Some of us cleared brush with machetes, some pulled weeds out of the flowerbeds and raked around the property and others spent time with the kids making connections and showing the love of Christ to them.


The weekend came and brought with it the crusade we had spent a lot of time organising and planning, we had a great turnout of about 80 kids! We separated them up into age groups and played games with them and let them play in the bouncy house. After two hours of intense energy burning fun, we gathered them in the church building. We had a short time of worship; our team reenacted a Bible story and taught a short lesson from it.


A speaker shared a short message of salvation and we had an altar call where about 35 kids gave their life to Christ! Then a spokesperson from the non-profit organization Samaritan’s Purse shared some words and we handed out gifts provided by Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. All the kids were ecstatic! We had some trouble keeping order in the small sanctuary but it was well worth seeing all the smiling faces holding their shoeboxes full of gifts.


The next night we had a street meeting near the church in Spice Grove. We had a time of worship and our team did a few skits and a couple of us shared our testimonies. A speaker gave a powerful message of salvation and 6 young men responded by surrendering their lives to the Lord.

All in all this was a great and very powerful week and it was amazing to get to be a part of! God keeps on doing great things through us and it is so cool to be used by Him!

Travis Adams – July 2014 DTS

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Trusting and Belizing

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In April I decided to make a life changing decision to do a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) – I know tons of acronyms!- My DTS was absolutely amazing! I received healing, freedom and SO much joy and my relationship with Jesus became REAL and solid! During it I felt God tell me there was more He wanted for me and it was not time to go back home for good yet. I had plans to go home and get back to “normal life” but His plans are so much better and I decided to continue to pray about it and see what happens.10407361_10152452258496203_9204709750737894705_n

I felt that God kept telling me to trust Him, this was a huge theme during this whole process. I felt like at my age I had already given up so much to come and spend 5 months away from distractions to get closer to God, so in my mind there was SO much to lose if I choose to come back to staff with YWAM DP. I would not be close to my family, I wouldn’t have a regular money making job (I’ve worked since I was 17), I would leave everything & everyone I knew.


Needless to say this was a hard decision, but again God kept telling me to trust Him and He would provide and make things work out. Many prayers later and tons of confirmation I knew I needed to come back to YWAM Destination Paradise and join the staff team. My role on staff is to be the school registrar, what that entails is a number of different things some of which include; taking all incoming emails, inquiries and student applications, interviews, and accept students into schools. This role is so much more than that though, I get to be the “front door greeter” I get to encourage these awesome students, pray for them, help them take the first step of faith to trust and believe that God can and will do amazing things during this time if they allow it and step out.


I could go on for pages and pages explaining these past few months but I’m going to try to wrap it up in a few more sentences. So to answer the questions everyone is probably asking; Yes, I do live on a beautiful beach in Belize, and No I’m not getting paid to be here. It may be hard for people to understand the fact that I am living as a “missionary” while I’m in this gorgeous place, but don’t let the location fool you, we still are a community of people seeking after Jesus and helping to bring young adults to an amazing place of freedom and healing. We work hard, pray hard, cry tons, love much, serve, and learn right along side of this awesome community!994186_10152188968776400_8778637326979055455_n

Trusting and Belizing…It might be cheesy but I don’t care. This is a season that God is asking me to truly Trust and Believe in what He is doing and what His awesome plans are for my life while getting to experience His beautiful creation on this awesome island of San Pedro, Belize.


Stef Rosu – YWAM DP Staff (Registrar)

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Hearing Him speak

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This weekend I officially got certified in scuba diving! Craziest thing of my life! We started on Saturday by practising in the pool that we have here. We practised skills, and really just how to breath underwater! Just being in the pool freaked me out and honestly I thought of quitting because I was scared of panicking and being underwater and not being to come up to the surface…. But I stuck it out! And I’m so thankful that I did because we actually went into the ocean and practised! Our last dive we got down to 60 feet and it was one of the most relaxing and coolest things I have ever done! At one point we were swimming with 3 nurse sharks. I loved it! I just want to be out there all the time now! img_3498

As much as I’ve been doing a lot of cool adventurous things and seen a ton of amazing sunrises as I do my workday every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning which means I get up at 5:30 a.m. and clear the shore of seagrass from the night before, I absolutely love it and because I get up so early I get to see all the amazing sunrises over the ocean! I have been spending a lot of time in class learning about God and growing in my relationship with Him!


Last week our speaker Jill Bills spoke about intercession and hearing Gods voice. Intercession basically means praying on behalf of others. We spent time learning different ways to do that, as well as learning how to hear Gods voice. Before going into it I thought I had never heard God’s voice before, my idea of it was that it was going to be this booming loud mans voice that I heard and I would know that it was for sure Him.. But I have learnt that’s not how it goes!

Jill taught us that God can speak to you in many different ways and it can even be disguised as your own voice. So that little voice you hear in your head could be God… Just saying! Journaling has always been big for me, and sometimes God will use that to speak to us. I don’t exactly know how I can describe it to make it make sense but really when I was trying to hear God through journaling I would just write and I wouldn’t even know what I was writing, I believe it was God speaking to me, it was super cool!

Megan Warnica – September 2014 DTS

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Love Like Jesus

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This week we had the opportunity to visit an infirmary in the town of Mandeville. This is a place where many people with mental and physical disabilities are housed.


The majority of patients there suffer from Alzheimer’s and are not capable of taking care of themselves.  We had the blessing of working along side the nurses to serve in many different ways, for example, a number of the team did the laundry for the people there, others did manual labor and yard work.

In addition, the rest of the team had the opportunity to comb the women’s hair and clip all the patients toenails and fingernails.  I personally, had the chance to clip the patient’s nails. This was such a humbling experience for me. I know it was only through the strength of Jesus I could do this, and I began to see these people through the eyes of Jesus.

I remember the verse where Jesus says, ¨Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me¨. Jesus came to love ¨the least of these¨. He never turned down an opportunity to serve those in need and love on those who were forgotten. During this time of ministry I got to learn and experience that Jesus sees all people and created all people with value.

10726450_10152744946042618_85448734_nIt was such an honor to go around clipping people’s nails and seeing the joy in their eyes and the smile on their faces. A lot of the time when Jesus gives us the opportunity to serve, it doesn’t always look glamorous or spectacular. But sometimes it means just loving the ¨least of these¨, and to God that is spectacular.

– Jordana

Jamaica DTS Outreach July 2014

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