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Keeping Busy

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We have been thrown right into ministry here in Guyana, and it has been both exciting and challenging.

We have done quite a bit of kid’s ministry with YWAM Guyana. Here at the base they have a literacy center that runs twice a week and they help the kids with reading, writing, and computer skills. It is also a normal occurrence to have children show up on base just to hang out. The first day we were here we had the opportunity to do Sunday school at a village in Parika, Guyana. We met about 20 kids, played games, sang songs, talked with the parents, and told the story of Noah’s ark.britt

Kid’s ministry comes naturally to the majority of our team, so we enjoy doing it. We have had numerous opportunities however do to church ministry where the pastor gives us the whole service to do what we want. We are able to do dramas, testimonies, sermons, worship, and pray for people. It has been a challenge, to me at least, to get up in front of a group of people and speak to them. I am so proud of my team for stepping out in faith and giving sermons and testimonies and really putting themselves in a vulnerable position for God to move.ash

It has been intimidating and terrifying to have to step out in our faith. Sometimes we feel as if the ministry we are doing isn’t really effective or isn’t worth our time, but we need to keep in mind that God knows the bigger picture and we may never know how or what effected someone. God is pleased in us simply taking that leap of faith and being obedient to Him.

God has blessed us with full days of ministry here in Guyana. We don’t know what to expect for our next location, French Guiana, but we are prayerfully going with open hands.kids ministry

-Ashley Woods January 2014 Leadership DTS Guyana/French Guiana outreach


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Typically speaking, one of the biggest things North Americans like myself lack in life, is perspective. In Canada, everything is accessible and attainable. If you need food there is almost always a grocery store nearby where you can spend your money on frivolous things like chocolate bars and marshmallows. Or, you can hop in your car and drive to the nearest Starbucks and place an order through a metal box with a microphone and a speaker in it and you don’t even have to get out of your car to pay for it and get it. We can often times get caught up in the desperate competitive need to have everything and want even more that we miss out entirely on one of the biggest most important aspects of interaction with other human beings, relationships. I guarantee if Jesus were still flesh and blood walking among us on this earth, He would not drink $5 coffee or drive a Hummer, and He definitely wouldn’t listen to Mumford and Sons. He’d be hanging out with the people that need His love the most, the people who are willing to live against the social standards of “More equals better.” He would be taking off His own coat to give it to someone with more of a need for it than He has.kristina

Life down here in South America is amazing. I am blown away by how people here are so genuinely friendly. If we forget to smile and wave at someone as we are passing him or her they feel dejected. Motorists honk their horn ALL the time, so much so that their horns are worn in from so much constant pressure in one spot. They do not honk out of anger; they do it as a sign of greeting. The people with the least are the ones most willing to give up what they have for relationship. Coming from a society where time equals money, I am blown away by how willing the people here are to forfeit potential money if it means they can greet and spend time with me. God has blessed this country of Guyana so much and the people are aware of it and share it. I wish people from my country of Canada could open their eyes to God’s blessings more too.guyana

God, I pray that you continue to rain blessings one the Guyanese and that countries like the States and Canada could be more aware of your blessings.

Tim Potter- January 2014 Leadership DTS Guyana Outreach

The End of Our Journey

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Seven weeks ago this group of 13 unique individuals set out on a journey with our minds set on Peru. Every one of us anticipating to witness God working in some spectacular ways. As we ventured from the jungles of the Amazon to the snow covered peaks of the Andes and finally the desert beaches of the Pacific, we all came to realize how awesome our God is. His creation is captivating and I’m not referring only to the jungle, mountains, and ocean. The people we met every day and the fellowship we had truly revealed the beauty of our Creator. We spent quite a bit of time and effort providing practical help to people who needed it, but what we craved was interaction with the local people. Our opportunities to interact and learn from the Peruvian people were filled with God’s spirit moving in real ways. It was so cool to be able to relate and learn together and we found often that we are not so different than these people. We’re all on this journey of seeking Christ, and we can come together under that one beautiful purpose.


In  everything we did whether it was pulling weeds, drying our socks over campfires, milking cows, telling kids a bible story, giving our testimonies, hearing other’s testimonies, staying late to pray with someone, painting walls, shoveling dirt, eating guinea pigs, hiking mountains, or whatever it was, God was teaching us something in every moment. Sometimes the lessons were hard, sometimes they wanted you to dance with joy but we all learned to have the posture of a learner recognizing that all wisdom is from God and there’s more than one way to reveal that to us.


 And so it has come for this time to come to a close. As we stood together in the Miami airport and we began to pray, a feeling of thankfulness fell on our group. Thanks Jesus for showing us your beauty, the touched lives, the stories, the callings, and the passion. God thank you for Peru.


Joshua Duft-September 2013 Peru Outreach Leader



God Mops

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1524597_10151944646642982_1861746119_nThis outreach is nothing I would have expected. My expectations were a lot of hands on work and building relationship with children, but God had other plans for us. Over this outreach we have done a lot of prayer walks, visiting the dump, listening to old folks talk, becoming a child’s playground, cleaning, talking to people at the park, and a lot more prayer. May I add that all these were done with a huge language barrier for most of us? You can only say, “I like blue” and “I am from Canada” so many times before the conversation is dead. It has been amazing to see the ways God has used me in situations I didn’t think I was that strong in. For example I thought I was an awesome kid person and God would use me as a light in some children’s lives. But the people I feel like I have touched most was a man we prayed for on a prayer walk and an old couple at the old folks home we went to, I didn’t see that coming!

DSC_0792One of the jokes going around our group is how much we have had to mop on this outreach. We mop the house we are staying at twice a day, as well as being asked to help clean another house for a couple days and the amount of times that we were asked to mop and re-mop that house was incredible. It has been a neat metaphor I have come to though, how God is just like mopping. Think about it. Why do we mop? To make the floor clean again, to rid it of all the dirt and grime that had come from the day, and what is something HUGE that God does for us? He cleans us of our sin, all the dirt and grime we have brought into our lives. But just like mopping, where you will have to mop again at some point, God will forgive you as many times as it takes, He will clean your soul every time you forget to take your shoes off and track mud into your life.

Outreach is not something you can predict; you will never know how the twists and turns will go. The best you can do is take one step at a time, stay in the moment, and live it out for God.

Shanaya Swabey – September 2013 Leadership DTS Guatemala Outreach Student

Ministry with Living Tree Academy

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Last Saturday, we had the amazing opportunity to help out at an up and coming Christian school here on the island, Living Tree Academy. Living Tree Academy will be a place for the young children in San Pedro to go to school while learning more about God. The school is still in its beginning stages of being built and have yet to start building any of the actual buildings that will be classrooms, but they have been actively working on preparing the ground in order to start the build.

1010410_737396039612476_1385720203_nWhen we arrived at the school we were greeted by Shannon and Anthony who are overseeing this amazing project. They graciously took us to the work site on golf carts so we would not have to walk through the knee deep mud pit! Upon arriving at the work site, we had the pleasure of being introduced to what Living Tree Academy’s purpose and vision is as well as hearing what we would be working on for the duration of our time there. We were assigned the task of planting coconut trees around the grounds. To start, we all picked a job to do, jobs like: block carrier, builder, sand transporter, tree planter, etc. We were all taught how to do our job and started right away with the work. My job was to build the planters out of blocks that the coconut trees would be planted in. I quickly became extremely thankful to those that were carrying the blocks over to me as the blocks were quite heavy. In total we built nine planters and planted nine trees but not without getting wet (from the sudden downpour of rain) and muddy (the ground was quite wet and in some areas it was hard not to sink in up to your ankles!)

1782180_737394672945946_554275381_nAll in all, we had a great time working together as a team, getting dirty and serving as the hands and feet of God. We were so blessed to be able to help out Living Tree Academy and serve God through them! I am looking forward to having more ministry opportunities while still here in Belize during lecture phase, but also looking forward to ways we can serve God while on outreach!
Emma Allen – January 2014 Leadership DTS