Typhoon Relief

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Chris, a DP alumni, is currently serving with a team of 4 people in the Philippines doing relief work after the destruction and devastation caused by the recent Typhoon that ripped through the city of Tacloban. We have the privilege to join with him and his team as the YWAM DP family to pray and support them in the work they’re doing, and for the restoration effort as a whole.
Please continue reading the update below from Chris;


Our team of four made it safely to the Philippines. On January 1st we arrived at Cebu’s International Airport and on the 2nd we traveled to the city of Tacloban (typhoon location) located on the island of Leyte. Majority of Tacloban is damaged with the outskirts being hit the hardest. The city is without power with only some places powered by a generator.


Since being here we have been able to take part in different kinds of ministries. On the 4th we joined up with a YWAM team from Kona, Hawaii (six people), and three other missionaries and helped remove debris form an orphanage. In a short amount of time, with the man power we had, we were able to clear out a fair sized area. There was a ton of rock, wood, metal, plastic and garbage that needed to be cleared. When we finished the kids unexpectedly made us lunch which was delicious! Later that afternoon we played games, sang songs, drew pictures and provided the kids with a healthy dinner. One of the activities that impacted me was having the kids draw pictures of their experience during the time of the typhoon. One girl lost 15 family members. This activity was a way of allowing them to express their emotions with intent of bringing healing.

Later this week we are looking at possibly purchasing clothing for the kids with families without homes as well as purchasing school supplies for a high school. We will also be renting a truck to distribute relief supplies like hammers, nails, saws to the outer parts of the city on Thursday or Friday.


Once again I would like to thank you all for your support and I look forward to updating you again with the different types of ministry work we are involved in.

His Love Endures Forever

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“Every time you sin you make it hard on the Lord, because He is a righteous God, but He loves you abundantly.”

UntitledStruggle is a gift. If you ask someone in the midst of a battle whether it’s a gift or not, they would probably tell you NO. But the truth is that in a fight, God’s love is evident. We endure struggle to grow our character. These battles are opportunities to come out so much stronger than before.
There is an example of a man who struggles to give up an addiction. He decides to lay it at the foot of the cross, and he resists 2 out of 3 times. But when he does fall, God doesn’t focus on the error, but He rejoices over the progress that His child has made. In the world today we have this view that whenever we do something bad, God is adfilled with fury and wants to smite us down. But the reality is that God is a holy and pure God, so He can’t be in the presence of sin, but, He is also filled with such love for us. Our Father is merciful, and when we fall, He is always reaching out to us saying “Get up, let’s keep walking together. You can’t do this alone, but I’m here with you.” We will fall. It’s a part of the curse. If we were sinless beings, then what would be the point of salvation, and where would the need for Jesus be? But when we do sin, God desires to pick us up, dust us off, and keep going.
“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 118:1
Our Father is loving, so much more so than we realize. He celebrates with us in the good times, He cheers when we overcome evil, He mourns with us in the hard times, and He is present through the struggles. Thank you God for the battle that rages around us, because when we are in the middle of spiritual warfare, we know that we are a threat to the enemy, so that means we are doing something right! Praise God in the hard times.

qwe“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18
This was our last week of Lecture Phase, and we couldn’t have asked for a better speaker to sum it up. Or a better Winter Wonderland party Friday night held in our honor. We have been filled with so much knowledge about the Bible, the Truth, and God’s love for us in this time. Now we are supercharged for outreach, and ready for whatever God has ready to throw at us next!

Bethany Wineteer & Jennifer Litsey- September 2013 DTS Students

Flexibilty, Diversity, and Commitment

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“To know God and make Him known” is the YWAM Motto and I did not fully get an understanding of what this would look like in my life until lectures came to a close this week. We are called as believers to take what we know about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit into the world around us. I have learned specifically this week that EVERYONE has a different understanding (big or small) of God and from God. We have all learned different things from the 1474451_776805575670097_753426203_nway we grew up, from our churches and God has spoken to all of us in different ways and about different things. THAT is why the church is a community, together in this community we can create a bigger, more accurate picture of God- Who He is and what He is up to in culture. This week in Belize we transitioned from lectures solely based on “heart issues” and moved into Theology and the topic of “Christ and culture.” I will be honest; this was a really hard transition for me at first. I am ALL about the deep heart stuff. Initially my thoughts were, “ehhh…. This stuff does not really matter, I am NEVER going to actually remember what is being said, let alone use it in life.” Not far into the week I was proven wrong, which is why the personal theme of my week was FLEXIBILITY; Flexibility in schedules, flexibility in what I am learning and focusing on and also having flexibility as believers being open to different cultures, open to different worldviews and opinions (not so I can change my beliefs, but so I can better help others with different beliefs understand the truth). There are so many different worldviews in the world today, but even more important than that for my life is that there are so many different streams of Christianity itself! We spent time discussing a few of those streams: the evangelical stream, the charismatic stream, the social justice stream, the contemplative stream, and the holiness stream. All forms of Christianity, all focusing on and implementing different focal points and practices, all with different strengths and weakness, yet all leading back to one thing…Christ.

diversityAs we all raised our hands at different times in response to the questions, “which stream were you mainly raised in” I realized that each member of the body of Christ is different, unique in the beliefs and idea they have, yet we all can still come together UNITED in Christ following the call we have on our lives to make God known to ALL the world. Unity in the midst of diversity is such a beautiful thing. I love seeing each member of our school becoming more united in their differences as the weeks pass by. We have all grown do much and we have all gained a different revelation that we can bring together to form a bigger picture of our God. How cool is that?

One last idea I have gained this week is: “Jesus is proactive, always FOR something. Instead of defining ourselves against something, we need to define ourselves for something.” Living in our culture today we as believers are always defining ourselves against something, “I am never going to be “this” (which in itself is not a bad thing). But going back to this week and learning all we learned I realize that we really need to take it a step further and say, “I am not going to be “this”, BUT I am going this be “this”. I leave this week of lectures on Christ and culture with the question, “what am I going to define myself for? What hill am I going to be willing to die on? In order to give an answer to this question I realize that I am going to need to be open to learning new things about Theology, worldviews and culture. As I move into this next and last week of lectures I am more open, open to the concept of theology and I pray that God speaks to all of us in a way that brings us deeper into His love for us and deeper into our knowledge of who He is so as we transition into outreach we can more fully minister to those God places in front of us. As you are reading this I want to challenge you to think alongside YWAM DP, think about the hill that YOU are willing to die on and then climb that hill and stay there.cross-hill2-1

“ONE man or woman with PASSION is equal to 99 with simply interest.”

Colleen House- September 2013 DTS Student

Pinky Promises

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This past week we had the lovely (princess) Tiffany Thompson speak to us on God’s “pinky promises”. She used an acronym with the word pinky… P: we are PRECIOUS to God and worth his time and affection – Psalms 139:17-18. I: Gods power is IMMEASURABLY awesome – Ephesians 3:20. N: God will NEVER leave us and is always here with us – Hebrews 13:5. K: Gods KINGDOM cannot be put into a box – John 18:36. Y: “YOU” Lord are the light and you never dim – Matthew 14:5).

644506_10152030978887667_45260086_n“We are created in Gods image”… For girls we have had Barbie pushed at us from a young age. Many girls have played with Barbies and subconsciously wished to be them. Young girls have grown up with this false image. Scientists have created a real life Barbie and she physically couldn’t live. For guys it’s all about the muscles and “six packs”. Now that companies have sold all they could to girls, they are targeting guys. Guys are slowly turning more and more to what the media is saying it means to be a guy. How we view ourselves directly affects our relationship with God. Since God is beautiful, and we are created in His image, every person on the planet is beautiful too!

“Personally God has shown me that being real with ourselves and accepting what he gave us leads to freedom. When I saw myself the way God does I became a happier me with more appreciation. Also I learned expressing our emotions is vital and when I did I was able to hear God clearer than ever before.” – Jaymie.
“Princess Tiffany definitely spoke light into my life this past week. Her stories, words of wisdom, and love for each one of us – and more 1425756_10152030978937667_1680025789_nimportantly her hubby – truly made her stand out and shone her love for God so brightly. Tiffany was able to make us feel special and like princesses and warriors of God all week; which is how we should see ourselves all the time, because God does! She was an inspiration, and personally taught me a lot regarding the 5 pinky promises of God. We finished our time together by painting our pinky nail, pink, to remind us of Gods love for us ” – Ashley.

“Our fear in life should not be that we won’t be successful but that we will be successful in things that don’t matter.”

Jaymie Poage & Ashley Rowswell- September 2013 DTS Students

Our Homecoming

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How both challenging and liberating it is to discover that space is intimately associated with salvation! Space is freedom from confinement, from preoccupation, from oppression, from drivenness, 1395220_10201557271828676_786109554_nand from all other interior and exterior forces that bind and restrict our spirits. Accept the reality of our incompleteness. Our incompleteness does not make us unacceptable to God, but makes us vulnerable to be built new in him. It has been an amazing week learning from Jeff Pratt. He brought a whole new perspective and teaching style to our DTS with amazing stories that connected the love of God for us through visual movie clips or just thought provoking life stories. Jeff spoke in Spiritual pathways – Freedom is less of and event and more of an awakening, a coming home journey. True spirituality is not a search for perfection or control, but rather a search for divine union now with our Heavenly Father. It is exploring a gift that has already been given. “It’s not trying it’s training”. If you take no risks you risk not 1415683_4955092055612_782867333_nliving. God calls us out of the boat to walk upon the waters. Humility of self, and a boasting in our weakness, to have a sense of pride inside the love of Christ. To the degree you have humility in your life is to that degree you’ll have authority. Who we are inside determines what we see. What we see determines what we do. You can’t offend the dead man. If you’re dead to yourself and alive in God how can you be offended? DTS in its simplest form just means Die To Self. We are on a journey in life to find freedom from our oppression of sin. Without the compass of God we are lost in a storm of darkness. It’s the active pursuit of the spirit and mind that leads us to a relationship with our Heavenly Father. Our contemplate journey as Jeff showed us.
• Know yourself better.
• Know God better.
• Know your missional purpose better.
God doesn’t desire solely discipleship, healing, missions, or even preaching His word. He desires a real communion with us, a loving marriage of Father and creation. He longs for a “coming home” a realization in our hearts that God is a lover, a father and a friend. A true living God of love, who wants a real, continual, living, relationship. Dying to self and being made new. We can only be loved to the extent that we are known. And God knows us and loves us inside of that more than our minds will ever comprehend.
1420251_4955092095613_1528952994_n“When dealing with our struggle to experience God the issue is not so much one of Gods presence or absence as it is of the presence or absence of God in our awareness”.
“Live in me. Make your home in me as I do in you.” – John 15:4
God’s love is found in his creation. And His creation reflects his Devine power and grace. If I have learned anything in my growth with Jesus over the past week it is that God wants me where I am now not a future me. I desire to love because He has already loved me. A dying to myself and be made new in him.

John Mark Wheeler-September 2013 DTS Student