Live Unbound

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 055“When you’re focused beyond all reason, deep into something you care about. When your doubt is swallowed by passion and time disappears. When you feel unimpeded, unstoppable and truly alive. You are unbound.” -Live Unbound
The first 3 months of the April 2013 DTS lecture phase was filled with unmeasurable amounts of healing, view changing, bondage breaking, and falling in love with the character and nature of God. With that, came a lot of growth of who we are in Christ and what we stand for in this world. Which caused each of us to carry a passion to go out and share that with others; to help share the truth in the lives of those who haven’t yet received it or accepted it.
The next two months of outreach that followed, consisted of our team of 12, the people of Nicaragua, and God. Each and every one of us was hand picked by the Creator to be there and do whatever He lead
us to do. By doing so, impact was created not only in the lives of our team, but in every life we came into contact with. Whether it was through devotionals, intercession, building houses, kids ministry, skits, dances, or sharing testimonies, movement was created.


We were blessed to live in the house of Pastor Pedro, and work along side his church (Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana) in ministry while we were there in León, Nicaragua. For two months we created some of the most memorable relationships with the people there, inside and outside of the church. It’s so awesome to be a part of what God wants to do in His Kingdom. Just like one of our speakers said, “Without God, man cannot…but without man, God will not.” To personally come to that position in life when all my heart wants to do is chase after the heart of the Father, and follow His will, is the most peaceful and perfect place I could be.
Jaci Bryant-April 2013 Leadership DTS



Hello from Nepal

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Hello from Nepal where right now God is doing some pretty spectacular things! Just one of those spectacular things is currently happening every day in a little brick building situated in the middle of a peaceful rice field here in southern Nepal.
We are half of the students of the April 2013 BSN who were called to Nepal for outreach to spread the truth of God’s word and disciple young leaders. Every day we get to use what we learned in BSN to teach and create an atmosphere for God to shape and sometimes reshape world views. It has been a blessing to teach  and interact with the students. It has definitely brought a new depth of understand of the things we learned in BSN. For a person who is usually pretty uncomfortable with public speaking, a person like me, the thought of going to a foreign country and teaching a class of 48 students seemed pretty daunting at first. It has been incredible to see how God is bringing me out of that fear and has brought me to the place where teaching has become fun!
It has been fascinating to live in Nepal for
this short time and learn about Nepali culture. Something I
always enjoy in every country that I get to visit is to learn how the people worship God. It has been a blessing to watch the Nepali people worship because it is some of the most selfless worship I have ever seen. Everybody worships God with all their might and you can feel the Holy Spirit moving as a result. It’s so encouraging to see the passion for God that these young leaders have for God. This is the passion that is going to bring the nation of Nepal, a nation that has a very small population of Christians, to becoming a nation that is passionate for the one true God!



-Joshua Duft
Student in the April 2013 YWAM DP BSN

Take Me Beyond

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tori blog Since arriving here at YWAM DP a few weeks ago, I’ve found myself struggling to find the connection with God that I was accustomed to. I decided that in order to fix this “problem” I would just work harder at it! I would spend more time with Him, I would dig deeper into my Bible… After a good attempt at this, I realized that my plan for success must be flawed. It wasn’t working! God in His grace used this struggle of mine to teach me a valuable lesson. When I really took it to God and spent time praying about it, I realized that He wanted me to come to Him humbly, and ask Him to take me to where He wanted me to be. I had things to learn, and I realized I couldn’t deal with these things unless I allowed Him to take me beyond where I already was in my relationship with Him. I realized that He had a few things to show me about myself that were undesirable to Him. Ugh..discipline! Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” Like surgery…discipline can be painful and even have a painful recovery time. In the end though, the problem is dealt with, and usually you experience a lot of joy because you no longer have to deal with your pain anymore. I had to learn that it was surrendering and allowing Him to change my heart from the inside that was going to change our relationship. This is what takes us to another level with God and that is my constant desire! Honestly, I don’t always enjoy the path He leads me on because it often reveals sins within my heart that I either didn’t know were there or that I had been ignoring. It’s a scary prayer to ask God to change you because change can mean discipline, but I have experienced many times in the last few years of knowing Him that it is so worth the pain in order to get to the freedom! It takes a lot of faith to let God lead you to places that you don’t think you want to go, or you don’t even know exist within you, but He is a faithful shepherd and will never lead us astray.

MY PRAYER IS THAT YOU WOULD ALLOW GOD TO TAKE YOU BEYOND…. Beyond pride…into a life of humility and servant hood


Beyond judgments…into seeing people through His eyes

Beyond religion…into a life-transforming relationship with Christ

Beyond the walls of the church…to the poor and needy

Beyond condemnation…into His forgiveness and grace

Beyond fears and insecurities…into the person He says you are

Beyond the past…into the future

Beyond worry…into a confident hope

Beyond timidity…into empowerment by His Spirit

Beyond addictions…into freedom and healing

Beyond defeat…into victory

Beyond a need for control…into a childlike trust in Him

Beyond knowledge…into revelation

Beyond words…into action

Beyond what you can see…into a life of faith

Beyond the possible…into the impossible In Jesus’ Name!

Tori Apedaile- July 2013 FCM student

Transforming Nations

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bsn blog 2 Bible School for the Nations is wrapping up and heading into outreach.  I have survived being the only girl in a classroom of 8 guys. God has given me a wonderful one on one with the wife of one of our school staff. We also had some great girl staff members come through for a couple weeks periodically throughout the school. They all helped me stay grounded amidst all the testosterone.  All in all, these guys were great, and they did allow me to be a girl every once and a while. It was interesting to be the only girl but I think I held my own. I know for me God has re-shaped and transformed my heart and mind.

bsn blog 1

Because of the BSN, I am more firmly planted in the Word. I am also excited to continue the study of the Word of God and continue be a learner of the Word. I am so excited that my entire view of the Bible and God has been reformed. I am blown away by all God has showed me and revealed to me in this time! God has given life changing revelations to each and every one of us. We have now walked through basically the whole Bible and gained experience and understanding so that we are now ready to go out and teach. God has met each one of us in very different and unique ways. God has changed our minds and solidified the Word of God into our brains… BUT not only did it get ingrained in our brains it has trickled down and has saturated our hearts and promoted real change in our lives. With the freedom and the changes that have been received, we will never be the same.  We are now ready, willing, and able to go out into the nations and teach the Good News of God and the change that has taken place in our lives due to us learning the truth.

bsn blog

We will be doing two different types of outreaches;one is a local outreach here in San Pedro, Belize. We will be running a small week long Bible seminar for the community of San Mateo. This will be a condensed version of what we will be doing on our second type of outreach that will be international.   One group will heading to Nepal and the other group will be going to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. During our internal outreaches, we will be running a two and a half week seminar for church and community leaders about seeing the Bible in a new way along with some other seminars on how they how they can transform their nation. God is going to be doing some wild and crazy things. We are all anticipating and excited for all that God is going to do in and through us during our time on outreach.

Chara Lyndon- April 2013 BSN student

Bless the Base

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YWAM Destination Paradise is incredibly blessed to have such an amazing property here in Belize, right on the beach with beautiful ocean views and buildings that are almost perfect for our needs, the only downside, however, it is certainly in need of some TLC. In the 70’s our base was a vacation resort named ‘Journeys End.’ It was one of the top resorts on the Island of Ambergris Caye, but hasn’t seen much love since it closed.

photo (10)
photo (12)We send students all over the world to bless people in many different ways. This week we had our first experience of “blessing the base”. As a community we took 3 hours out of our day to join together in an effort to clean up and better our home. This was not unlike an outreach opportunity, just slightly more personal.


Throughout the afternoon as I worked on sweeping and scrubbing the floors of our outdoor dining area I was reminded of my first day on base a year ago and my very first impressions. Its beauty, the location, and the invitation to make friends just added to the reasons why I fell in love with our ‘Journeys End’ property.

When you are a guest somewhere it is usually very unlikely that you would take the time to clean let alone getting on your hands and knees to scrub. This is exactly why I loved taking part in our base workday. I took ownership. This is my home. This is where my family eats and drinks and spends time together, growing in relationship both with each other and with the Lord.

photo (11)

I was working hard, building up a sweat, getting a couple blisters, all in an effort to bless the base and bless the community, the people who live on the base I call home. I want them to have the same first experience that I did, and to maintain that sense of awe and thankfulness to God, so that when they wake up and walk along the beach to breakfast, sit in their chair with a cup of coffee in hand, gazing across the ocean watching the dolphins swim by, that this is home, however long they’re here.

Zoe Hewlett-July 2013 Leadership DTS Staff