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Y W A M D P | Blog


New Awareness

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tessa blog1God is continuing to do amazing things here at YWAM DP. I feel like our time during this DTS has been a continuous journey of Him leading, challenging, healing, convicting, comforting, teaching, loving, and uniting us in a way that we have never experienced before.

We have been blessed with great teachings focused on Spiritual Warfare and the Holy Spirit over the last two weeks. It has been an eye opener for me realizing just how REAL the spiritual realm is and how much authority and power we have been given as children of God. Manuel Ramminger, our speaker on Spiritual Warfare, said, “Without man, God will not. But without God, man cannot!” The fact that God has chosen to work through us because he wants to is something I had not ever stopped to think about before. Although He has the power to do all things, His nature of being relational and loving means He will not force us into anything. We have to be willing and ask Him to move or He ‘will not’. On the other side, we cannot do things in our own strength without God and His authority. Our authority comes from Him….

tessa blog

Learning about the Holy Spirit has been both fun and enlightening. For most of our class, we have had a tendency to focus more on God the Father or Jesus the Son who sacrificed His life for us on the cross. We often forget the Holy Spirit and the fact that the Spirit is a real person of God the Trinity. I have come to realize just how essential and special the role the Holy Spirit plays in both the creation of man and our ability to live in relation with Him. God has been showing me how like water the Holy Spirit is fluid, gentle, and moving; like fire She is powerful, full of energy, light and beauty. Like the wind the Holy Spirit has an element of mystery. We cannot see it, but we can feel its caress. It has a playful nature and loves to dance with the clouds and intertwine itself through our hair. It can be both gentle and strong.

When we plant ourselves in the Holy Spirit and live with integrity, we allow room for the Holy Spirit to produce fruit in our lives. He gives us the ability to live in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Out of the Spirit, we can facilitate the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, discerning of spirits, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, tongues, and interpretation. Through the Holy Spirit, we can forever dwell in God’s presence, and know Him personally. How amazing is this! I know for me this is something that I am eternally grateful for and I am really looking forward to seeing what other new revelations God has for me!

Tessa Manase- April 2013 Leadership DTS

Foundations in Counseling Ministry

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God is continually stretching and growing us. We have really been going through a time of growth here at DP. In April, we introduced our first secondary school the BSN (Bible School for the Nations) and our second of four DTS (Discipleship Training School) this year. In July, YWAM DP will be holding three schools, a new DTS, the current BSN that has been happening since April and our very first FCM. Meaning this year God has stretched us to hold six different schools!! Our newest addition is the Foundations in Counseling Ministry (FCM). We are thrilled to have Jenny Espe come and lead us out in this fun new part of DP. It is going to be an exciting time this summer as we have alumni returning, current staff, and new friends paving the way by participating in our very first FCM course! Here is a brief outline written by Jenny telling a little about herself  and the new things the FCM will bring for us here at DP!

My name is Jenny Espe and I am so excited to pioneer a brand new school for YWAM DP, the Foundations in Counseling Ministry (FCM)! This school has been in the works for years and we finally get to launch it in July- just a few short months away! Our desire is to make this school a real training ground for people in ministry or going into ministry. We have seen how many people who go into full time missions or ministry burn out quickly and don’t have the tools needed to deal with the people and issues that arise. Our dream is to make this FCM school a place for refreshing, rejuvenation and great learning. We have seasoned and incredible speakers coming from around the world to impart their wisdom and insights! Our speakers will be covering topics such as Family Systems, Sexuality, Identity in Christ, Life Coaching and more! We will learn through lectures, discussions, small groups, and lots of practice!

I am honored to help run and lead this FCM! This school has been on my heart for many years and God has given me great vision and hope for this school. I know that our students, staff, and speakers will be greatly blessed by the things God will teach us! My dream is to send out healthy, humble, and capable people who are able to minister to those around the world who so desperately need Jesus! I am coming to Belize with my awesome husband and super fun toddler! We are excited to share life and ministry with you all at Destination Paradise!

This link will take you to our FCM page where you can learn more about what topics will be covered: active listening, family systems, identity in Christ, understanding God’s grace, plus many more. Find out how you can become a part of this upcoming July school! http://ywamdp.org/schools/secondary-schools/fcm/

jenny blogJenny Espe- July 2013 FCM Leader

Just Be

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DSCN1855Throughout my outreach, God has been teaching me that He can use me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. One theme He’s shown me again and again in these past two months is “just being there.”

Prior to my YWAM experience I had been on several short-term mission trips, on each of those we did hands-on labor for what felt like sun-up till sun-down everyday. I was able to serve God by physically doing things for people.

When my team reached our destination, the Solomon Islands, many of us were surprised that a part of their culture is to let their guests be served. Hospitality is a HUGE part of the people of the Solomon Islands. This meant they would prefer to serve us rather than allow us to serve them.

IMG_1409This was especially evident in the Western Province where we spent weeks three through six of outreach. From the time we stepped off the boat, we were all blown away by how eager people were to serve us. This persisted as we moved around from place to place, island to island. Cooking us meals, to sweeping our floors, singing and entertaining us as we eat the food they served, eager to show us the best hospitality, which often meant that they were strongly against us doing things for ourselves and especially for them. With time, we had to simply accept that this is a part of their culture.

As we realized this, our eyes were opened to how God was truly working through us by us “just being there.” The people we spent time with were so moved and touched by the fact that we had come all the way across the world to spend time with them. They were touched that we wanted to experience their culture, to do life with them, to eat their food, to learn their music and dances, and to exchange our culture with them.


As the only white people in the area word spread; it was like the whole town knew why we were there and what we stand for which blessed us with so many more opportunities to speak at different churches and youth groups, to share our hearts and share our passion for God.

God was able to move through our team by us “just being there.”

I am so privileged to have been a part of God moving in this way! God is so powerful and so good, we have loved discovering new ways that He can work in and through us but also in other people for our benefit.

One thing that is often said here in the Solomon Islands in church services is: “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.”

It is so simple, yet so full of truth, it has been amazing to see it in action throughout our time in the Solomon Islands.


January 2013 Solomon Islands outreach team

Reaching Outside Ourselves

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Jaci blog

God’s presence has been everywhere on the island, along within the hearts of many of our students. We have been broken only to be made stronger through Christ. We have been learning to let go of our own needs and desires, and trusting to replace them with the will of our Father. His loving character has been shown to us more and more here at YWAM DP, as we ventured through ministry week and prepared our hearts for our upcoming outreach. Life does not become a journey until we are willing to take the first step.

jaci blog2As many of our hearts are being repaired and strengthened, Brittney, our ministry coordinator, prepared and led us through ministry week. We were able to witness to many of the broken and hurting hearts of this community. Along with that, we also saw all the innocence and joy that is pouring out of all the children of the island, no matter what family background they come from. We were able to bless the community throughout the week with manual labor such as cleaning the church, washing windows and picking up trash in the town. We also performed a lot of children’s ministry, and got a chance to pour out our love with the youth by spending time playing, dancing, face painting, and singing in the schools and in the local park. God uses us to work in His kingdom; He likes to partner with us to work in other’s lives.

“Without man, God will not. Without God, man cannot.” -Manuel Ramminger (week 6 speaker)

God really is powerful, He really is strong, and He really is real to people. As our DTS team collects our support and funds from people back home or even from fellow classmates and base leaders/staff, we turn to God to pray for the insight of giving and being able to accept the truth that GOD WILL PROVIDE. Nothing is more powerful than seeing God work in miraculous ways. There is no explanation except… it is God. He has called each of us here for different reasons to come together in unity to do His work. By having faith and putting it in God’s hands, we choose to give it all up to Him and trust in Him.

jaci blog3

Jaci Bryant-April 2013 Leadership DTS

Sweet Freedom

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The culture, food, and life here in Belize are wonderful experiences. I have met quite a few of the people who live in and around San Pedro and love to be with them.  In my DTS experience, I feel challenged to really pay attention to each speaker and trust the staff and put the learning I am gaining into to practice every day. As we prepare for outreach, I know that being unified is one of the most important things we can choose to do. We have a great team  and our strategy is to be open and honest with each other. I am confident that we will take what we have been learning during lecture phase and use it in Nicaragua to remain a unified team serving Christ wholeheartedly.

Whether we are in lectures, exercising, hanging out, playing games, and quiet times there is always something to be doing here on base and the fun is just beginning. Recently we have seen a lot of wildlife around. We found a boa constrictor, and we have lots if iguanas. God has made some pretty nifty animals, each uniquely different. It reminds me of us and how He made humans so uniquely different yet made in His image. Many times, I forget to ponder His efforts, love, and desire for us to grow in our gifts and to be ourselves.

blog5This week Lynn Toney, our base director, spoke on getting rid of our “ball and chain.” Often times things in our past can cause us to carry unneeded baggage around weighing us down, thus she used to the illustration of a ball and chain. We were given the chance to look for patterns, good and bad, that have made us who we are today. All of it has been worth it, though hard at some points, the freedom gained is better than words can describe! I am looking forward to the rest of lecture phase then to get the chance to head to Nicaragua for outreach.

-Joyce Friesen 2013 April Leadership DTS