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PINKY Promises

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I’m going to tell you about an experience that changed my life. About 3 weeks ago we ventured into this concrete house in the neighborhood community known as La Jungla. This neighborhood is well known for its heavy drug and alcohol influence. This house oozed darkness. The walls were covered in soot, any form of light was hidden by black tarps. The woman in the house had no smile and no joy.

I instantly felt a deep connection to her and longed for her to dance in the freedom I had found during lecture phase. After about 1.5 hours of prayer the first day at the house, we left full of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the next week the woman still laid heavy on my heart. I longed to return to hear her story.

The following week Alyssa approached me and asked if I was willing to return to the woman’s house along with 2 other girls and herself. To be honest, at first I was a little unsure about how I felt about going back but God radically changed my heart and I was excited to go back and see the chains of oppression broken off.

As we entered the house the next time we noticed something had changed about her demeanor, a smile lay across lips that were earlier suppressed! How rad is that? We engaged in conversation to find out that her name was Jessica. We asked her if she would be willing to do a bible study with us and she quickly agreed! God laid on our hearts that we should talk about PINKY promises.

P – “Precious are your thoughts for me oh God, if I could count them they would outnumber the grains of sand.”

I – “Immesurably more than anything I could ask or imagine is your power at work within me.”

N – “Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you.”

K – “The kingdom of heaven is not of this world.”

Y – “You are the light of the world.”

Little did we know that throughout the next few weeks of bible study, we would be taking the ride of our lives. It was a constant cycle of progression and regression. We soon discovered that Jessica regressed when her husband was in the room. His death stares were not welcoming at all, in fact we believe he was the source of a lot of her oppression.

Through this, God taught us to come to him in prayer, to trust his timing, and to learn to speak through the Holy Spirit. It was amazing seeing the transformation in both their lives.


Jessica now laughs openly and welcomes us into her home with waiting chairs. And Carlos (her husband) now intently listens to our bible studies, cracks jokes, and he has more respect for his beautiful wife.

How rad is our God? Through God we broke chains, fought some spiritual warfare, changed relationships, united our team through prayer and placed smiles on peoples faces!


I love Jesus! He’s so good! Tonight we will be joining Jessica and Carlos for one last time before we leave on Tuesday.

Erika Wolf – YWAM DP September 2012 Leadership DTS – Nicaragua/Panama Outreach

God’s power in our weakness

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Greetings  from the Venezuela Outreach Team!  This newsletter is to give you an update on our stay in the beautiful city of Merida.  As we traveled from an incredible week in Barinas, we were overwhelmed with the beauty of the many mountains we drove past.
Despite the beauty, we as a team really struggled during our stay in Merida due to the many illnesses that broke out at the very beginning of our time there. Each morning we would wake up and discover that yet another team member was nauseous or feverous. By day two, half of our team was left behind at the church as the healthy students went out to the streets to evangelize.


By the middle of the week, we were weary, irritated, and apathy hung like a cloud over us. But, the words of 2 Corinthians 9:11 truly manifested in our group as we saw how God’s power was made perfect in our weaknesses. As we held team meetings and aired out our troubles, our complaints turned to prayers and we realized how we can do nothing out of own strength. After an hour or so of prayer, we left the church much different than we entered it. We were filled with the passion of the Holy Spirit and energized by His power.


That same night, we did evangelism in the plaza, and as we performed our skits, the Holy Spirit went out from us. We watched close to 20 teenagers give their lives to Christ. We were amazed as we looked around and saw how God used each of our individual talents such as dancing or music to connect with the Venezuelans.  As we piled back on the bus, we shouted praises at the top of our lungs. God is so good!

That was our favorite night, but in addition to that, we saw 4 healings take place as we went door to door to evangelize to people. It seemed as though every day there was a new report of another healing.

A 93 year old man received hearing, a woman with a hurt arm regained strength, a lady who couldn’t stand walked, and perhaps God healed others later that day.

The team as a whole learned some important lessons about not only knowing the Bible, but living out what it says.  The Lord is faithful when we humble ourselves and ask for His direction!  Thank you all for your prayers; we certainly need them in places like Merida that are characterized by having many people who practice witchcraft.  It was amazing to be a part of God’s work to draw his people to Himself, and we are very excited to share all of this with you.


YWAM DP September 2012 Leadership DTS – Venezuela Outreach

YWAM DP / Bible School for the Nations / Logos Bible Software – Partnership

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All accepted and deposited YWAM DP BSN students will receive a special full version of Logos Bible Software – Retail Value over $700.

Logos is arguably The BEST Bible Software available.

By including this comprehensive software in the tuition for all BSN students, the depth and level of study during the course will be dramatically enhanced.   Students are the owners of this software making the hundreds of resources available to them forever.

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YWAM’s Got Talent!

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I always get this tingly, somewhat anxious sensation in my body when I feel and know God is going to use me to move in somebody else’s heart.  For weeks, we had prepared  to perform what we called YWAM’s Got Talent in Central Park.  Our vision for this show was that God would be glorified through the talents and passion he has instilled in us.  In our prayers the previous week, a student named Erika prayed that we would impact kids and that the whole park would be filled with them.  God heard and answered her prayer; the moment we arrived in the park, multitudes of children were running around and playing with us, never ceasing to want more love and attention.

Once the show was under way, Peer used an assortment of tricks to effortlessly bombard a hacky sack with his feet, while Jeanette painted a picture of God’s love through her passionate dancing.  With each leap and bound, a degree of freedom was released over the crowd, freedom from fear, anxiety, and people pleasing.  This freedom is really a freedom from pleasing people, or better defined as finding full acceptance from God.  Other students sang their hearts out and we even had N’SYNC come back from retirement to do a routine.  

 The Motions was one of three dramas which showed a dramatic and scary picture of how we as Christians can so easily fall into hyper-spiritual and religious patterning of following rules and mantras.  Here at Destination Paradise, freedom is an extremely important topic, so one of our biggest desires from this night was that people would experience freedom from religion, pain, depression, and selfishness.   Micah, Devinne, and Ashli were able to tie these skits into the stories of their own lives, declaring the transformation and freedom they have received through the power of Jesus.  Because of their testimonies, many people heard God’s love in a way they hadn’t previously comprehended.

Remember the tingles?  After the show was over, conversations and prayers sprang up all over the place, God’s love alive in all of them.  Smiles and screams of joy filled the children in Central Park.  It might seem silly that something like this would give me the chills, but in reality, there is nothing silly about it; this is what we live to see happen.  God’s love is contagious and unstoppable; we have the choice to either spread it or watch someone else spread it.   What a blessing it is to be able to join with God in his mission here on earth, which is to reunite himself to his lost and broken children.  San Pedro is a place where many people flock to year round because of its picturesque sunsets, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear water.  Most of them are here to simply escape from their stress-filled jobs and lives.  We hope, just hope, that maybe some of these people will go home with more than just a few pictures of the reef and a nice tan.    Maybe some of them felt the love of God at our little concert in Central Park.

Noah Applegate- YWAM DP Alumni & Current Staff , August 2009 DTS

Forgiveness and Freedom

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It’s crazy to think I’ve been here in beautiful Belize for over two months now. God has been doing some amazing things in my life and in the lives of others. We are free and have become like new people; the walls are crumbling, the heartache is over, and the healing has begun. It’s crazy to watch a person change so dramatically in just a few short weeks. There is a new light and a new joy in the heart of everyone around me. I feel so incredibly blessed to be where I am now and to be unified in our new identities in Christ. We’ve also been in the process of discovering this crazy, radical love that Jesus has for all of us and these HUGE plans that He has for me and my fellow students. I feel so blessed to be around people who are so supportive and loving. It’s almost like living in a bubble here on the base, this unique experience and location creates a safe haven for developing and growing in our faith, and I feel so privileged to be here.

One of our Base Leaders, Lynn Toney, led a lecture on forgiveness and the power it has in healing broken relationships. For the past 6 years, my relationship with my grandmother has been severely broken through a series of events beginning with our move from California to Montana in 2006. After trying for many months to create a healthy relationship with her, my family decided that it would be best to stop all communication with her entirely. I have been trying to reconnect with her for a while now, but didn’t really know how to start to grow a new relationship with her or what that would even look like. Through the advice of the staff here and some prayer sessions I was able to forgive her and to ask for her forgiveness for holding bitterness and resentment against her. We are still working on putting up healthy boundaries with her, but I really feel like through this first step of reaching out, I can begin to have a relationship with my grandmother again. I feel free! Free of all of the hurt, anger, and bitterness that I have held on to for the past few years, and it feels so amazing.

Only a couple more weeks in beautiful Belize until we head out for outreach and the time has flown by! I am so excited to see what the rest of lecture phase has in store, and I can’t wait to grow even more in my personal relationship with Him! Outreach will be so crazy exciting and I’m so excited to build relationships with the people of Nicaragua and Panama!

Devinne Shultz-September 2012 Leadership DTS