Daring to Go Deeper

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Welcome to an inside look as students, as we begin the first phase of our Discipleship Training School or DTS this May 2011. Please join us as we grow in our faith, live life in community and dive into great adventure together!

This week we are getting to know one another and spend time together in our new community here at Destination Paradise in San Pedro, Belize.  This is the first of twelve weeks spent studying and learning more about our faith.  With staff and students there are people from five different countries represented!  All of us are coming from different places and backgrounds to be trained in missions.

May 2011 school!

It was difficult to know what to expect before we got here.  But it’s already apparent that God has brought an amazing group together.  After only two weeks together, we have formed strong ties.  Not only have we spent time together in lectures, worship, devotions, and leadership training, but we have also experienced the amazing creation around us.  Sun, sand, and scuba.

Team building

One of the first steps in learning to live together in community is seeing ourselves as a team and being able to work together.

Through “team building” exercises we practice problem solving and leadership.  So, if it is on the volleyball court or helping to build an orphanage on outreach, we will know each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure and stay posted because this is the first of many blogs to come over the next twelve weeks.  Whether you are family, friends or just someone who is considering a DTS, we are excited to share our lives and experiences with you!

Be blessed!

Winter YWAM DP DTS – Great Start!

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The January 2011 YWAM DP DTS school is off to a fantastic start with students from 4 nations converging on the YWAM DP base on the beach, 5 miles north of San Pedro Belize.  There is a lot of laughter and fun including sailing and diving and lots of sun but more importantly, some really deep, meaningful and wonderful teaching going on in the classrooms as well.  Jeff Pratt is with us this week sharing on the Father Heart of God and John Murphy will be here next week discussing Relationships.

Please be praying for the students as they will soon learn of the outreach location possibilities for this school.  Each student will be going to the Lord individually and seeking His direction on which choice to make; all in all, a great process of trust and hearing His voice.

Outreaches from our Fall school have now completed, one to the people of the Philippines and the other to Honduras. Both teams have wonderful stories to tell of God’s provision, His leading, and of His Spirit moving in amazing ways as people responded to Him.  Each of those students is now off to (or will be soon) the third phase of the YWAM DP program, Internship, at individually selected locations around the world.

Outreach Update: Philippines

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Two weeks ago, two teams from the September DTS embarked on outreaches to Honduras and the Philippines to put into practice all they’ve learned the past three months and to share the love of Jesus in radical ways!

The Philippines team has been serving in a number of ministries including schools and prisons, and the Honduras team is living and serving among villagers in a remote, mountainous region far from modern conveniences.  Read on for an update from team Philippines!  We will look forward to hearing more from team Honduras in the coming weeks!

Philippines Update-Weeks 1 and 2

“Land, Sea and Air: we believe God made it all, so decided to use it all while traveling to the Philippines. The week long journey began, with excitement, and God was faithful not to disappoint. Many of the people enjoyed the layovers in Mexico, JFK and Tokyo, and felt a special blessing when the Cebu Ferry opened up a karaoke lounge.

The journey wasn’t all about us though.  God also opened up opportunities for us to share our testimonies, pray for people and learn lessons about keeping our perspective on His grace.  One of the students was dealing with infected feet, and was reminded of Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will  be given to you as well.”  Every relationship has sacrifice, although focusing on Jesus makes ours much easier.

We immediately felt welcomed once we arrived at our destination, and were quick to make friends with our hosts.  Their generous hospitality made us feel at peace, so we could focus on the blessing we intend to share while here.  The next morning, the guys were able to attend the local church, and experience the wonders of Filipino worship.  The entire church rejoiced in dancing, and the guys experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in a living way.  Needless to say, we were excited to see how God would amaze us with His love this week.

On Monday we start with visiting the various ministries, including a school located in the middle of the city dump.  The children were so grateful to finally see visitors, that we felt blessed to be wanted so much.  As much as we gave to them, they gave to us.  It’s an honor to see how God blesses all of His children, so all His children can bless one another.

Another ministry involved a prayer walk through a city dump near the Church.  A team of the students prayed over a woman who was unable to walk, and then two of the ladies saw her get up and begin to walk.  The team could see their excitement from experiencing God in a powerful way, and it was a reminder that “immeasurably more than anything we can ask or imagine is the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us.” Eph 3:20

There were many other highlights,  including  a worship  service at  the woman’s prison, a city wide feeding ministry,  and the ability to share testimonies after playing basketball with locals.  People gave their lives to God, rejoiced in the fellowship of believers, and experienced the love of God in a tangible way.”

Philippines Outreach Update-Weeks 1 and 2

Spots Open in our Leadership DTS!

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Say hello to sunshine and gentle breezes, palm trees and white sand, and endless blue ocean that meets an endless blue sky!  All this could be yours, along with amazing lectures, spirit-filled worship, great new friends, and best of all growing in your understanding of the God who created it all!

YWAM Destination Paradise is accepting applications for Discipleship Taining Schools!  Whether Sailing or SCUBA diving, there is plenty of fun and sun to be had!  Click here for more information!  Ready to apply?  Find the application page here.