Running to Dive

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Running in the Right Direction…

My name is Becca and I have been blessed to be apart of the May 2011 Destination Paradise school.  A big part of my life is marathon running, and the Lord uses exercise as an act of worship in my daily walk with Him.  I was so excited that there are so many options for exercise here at Destination Paradise.  Of course there is a BEAUTIFUL beach to run on, and my favorite part of running here is the sunrise.  It is so beautiful, and every morning it is different.  It is such a cool thing to run and wake up to.  DP also has a set time in our schedule three days a week for working out.  In this time you have an option of doing a workout video, called Insanity.  I will not lie, I thought it was going to be a joke, but the video is really hard and it is such a good bonding time for our team and staff.  We laugh, sweat and jump in the pool right after.  It is one of my favorite times of the day.  There is also kayaking, sailing, spear fishing, and snorkeling for a great workout here at DP.  Last week for our small group time we went out kayaking and then attempted to spear fish.  Although we came back empty handed we got a good laugh.

When I came here, I thought I was going to have to let go of exercising, but that is not the case at all.  Destination Paradise has surpassed any expectation I had about exercising this summer.

Diving In…

Scuba diving has become a part of our weekend routine here on base. We are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to dive in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  During our second week at DTS we became PADI certified divers, now with that we have the chance to do four dives each weekend (depending on the weather).

During our most recent dives we have seen sea turtles, sting rays, eels, hundreds of tropical fish and even SHARKS!  It’s an unexplainable, amazing feeling to breathe underwater and be able to see a part of God’s creation that only a small percentage of the world experiences. Every time we dive we find new and exciting things to share when we surface. The colors alone are worth the trip down under. We have seen breathtaking colors that rarely exist in nature, all the while we have floated in mid ocean. It’s a remarkable experience that I know we will never take for granted!

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1000 Mile Ocean Sail

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With the decision to release the two YWAM DP Sailing Cats comes the need to relocate the boats to a place where they are more likely to sell quickly.  Presently the boats are in the boatyard in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala undergoing some bottom paining and a few repairs.  Wednesday the 18th of June, Chris and Josh Toney will sail one boat and Matt and Lori Stephens the other for the 1000 mile open ocean voyage from Livingston Guatemala to Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  The trip should take 7 or 8 days.  Please pray for good weather, great fellowship and a trip free of any mechanical difficulties.  Thanks!

Chris Toney

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Daring to Go Deeper

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Welcome to an inside look as students, as we begin the first phase of our Discipleship Training School or DTS this May 2011. Please join us as we grow in our faith, live life in community and dive into great adventure together!

This week we are getting to know one another and spend time together in our new community here at Destination Paradise in San Pedro, Belize.  This is the first of twelve weeks spent studying and learning more about our faith.  With staff and students there are people from five different countries represented!  All of us are coming from different places and backgrounds to be trained in missions.

May 2011 school!

It was difficult to know what to expect before we got here.  But it’s already apparent that God has brought an amazing group together.  After only two weeks together, we have formed strong ties.  Not only have we spent time together in lectures, worship, devotions, and leadership training, but we have also experienced the amazing creation around us.  Sun, sand, and scuba.

Team building

One of the first steps in learning to live together in community is seeing ourselves as a team and being able to work together.

Through “team building” exercises we practice problem solving and leadership.  So, if it is on the volleyball court or helping to build an orphanage on outreach, we will know each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure and stay posted because this is the first of many blogs to come over the next twelve weeks.  Whether you are family, friends or just someone who is considering a DTS, we are excited to share our lives and experiences with you!

Be blessed!

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Winter YWAM DP DTS – Great Start!

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The January 2011 YWAM DP DTS school is off to a fantastic start with students from 4 nations converging on the YWAM DP base on the beach, 5 miles north of San Pedro Belize.  There is a lot of laughter and fun including sailing and diving and lots of sun but more importantly, some really deep, meaningful and wonderful teaching going on in the classrooms as well.  Jeff Pratt is with us this week sharing on the Father Heart of God and John Murphy will be here next week discussing Relationships.

Please be praying for the students as they will soon learn of the outreach location possibilities for this school.  Each student will be going to the Lord individually and seeking His direction on which choice to make; all in all, a great process of trust and hearing His voice.

Outreaches from our Fall school have now completed, one to the people of the Philippines and the other to Honduras. Both teams have wonderful stories to tell of God’s provision, His leading, and of His Spirit moving in amazing ways as people responded to Him.  Each of those students is now off to (or will be soon) the third phase of the YWAM DP program, Internship, at individually selected locations around the world.

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