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Y W A M D P | Adventure Opportunities

Campus Life

Adventure Opportunities

As a training school, much of the action at YWAM DP happens in the classroom with dynamic soul-challenging teachings. But we make it a point to ensure ample time outside of class for you to process, consider, and pray through all the amazing things you’re learning…and, of course, to play. Enter the adventure!

Enter the adventure

Island Adventures

Life on Ambergris Caye revolves around the sea, and so do the adventures at YWAM DP! We have kayaks, snorkeling gear, spear fishing equipment and Hobie Cats all available for students and staff to use for free. And then there’s the diving. With one of the world’s best barrier reefs just off our beach, the diving is nothing short of awesome. And while it’s not an official part of the YWAM DP program, we make PADI certification and fun dives easily available at prices lower than you can find anywhere in the world.

Mainland Activities

Island adventures are abundant, and when you’re ready to try something new, the Belize mainland offers its own brand of exciting activities, including zip lining through the jungle canopy, inner tubing through winding caves, or exploring ancient Mayan ruins. YWAM DP will help organize your trip, and, while there will be extra cost for these excursions, we’ll do our best to keep it as low as possible.

Adventure Information

At YWAM DP, you’re right on the doorstep of an underwater world of wonder – part of God’s amazing creation that few people are privileged to see. For students, staff and guests, dive opportunities are available at extremely low prices.

All courses utilize PADI eLearning.  As soon as a course is paid for, a PADI eLearning certificate will be emailed to the user and the academic portion of the dive course is completed online by the diver using PADI’s world class training system.  Dive students get wet much more quickly!

*Please note that payments and schedules for dive courses and fun dives are handled by YWAM DP and not White Sands Dive Shop.  Please email info@ywamdp.org for more info.

  • PADI Courses
  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Student
  • $350
  • $350
  • $350


  • Fun Dives (cerification required)
  • One Dive Card
  • Night Dive
  • Student
  • $30
  • $45


Filled with colorful fish and interesting coral formations, the waters around the reef are stunning, and plying them is always an exciting adventure. YWAM DP has plenty of fins, masks and snorkels for use by students, staff and guests free of charge. Snorkelers often utilize the kayaks or canoes on the beach to head out for the short trip to the reef for a snorkeling adventure.

In addition to snorkeling in the reef right off our beach, snorkel trips to Hol Chan Marine park are also available at a small cost. Hol Chan is about 20 minutes by boat and is home to tons of rays, nurse sharks, grouper, snapper, tarpon, parrotfish and more.

The azure blue waters of the Caribbean between the beach and the reef are the perfect playground for sailing on YWAM DP’s Hobie Wave catamarans. In addition to the windswept beauty and fun, time aboard the hobie cats is a great time to ponder and process content from lectures, small groups and one on ones. And, with room for four, the hobie cats are a great place to hang out with friends. There is no cost to take out the Hobie Cats but a short orientation is needed so we can make sure you know what to do and stay safe.

Some particularly adventurous people like to combine a short trip in the kayaks equipped with snorkeling gear and spears. This mission can yield a quite a prize for the practiced and tenacious. It is not as easy as you might think but many an excellent barbecue has been had following a spear fishing trip. Lobster (in season) snapper, grunts, and the occasional grouper make up the most prized catches. There is no cost associated with spear fishing at YWAM DP.

The kayaks on the beach at YWAM serve several functions including a transportation source for snorkeling and spear fishing but they are often used for great exercise or even just a fun paddle around the area.  YWAM DP’s kayaks are available for the taking free of charge when time and ambition permit!

Belize has many long, winding cave systems with rivers flowing through them. If you want to tour them, guides can lead you through the adventure. You’ll be equipped with an innertube and a headlamp as it is dark in there!

There are a number of sites in the mountainous interior of Belize where zip lines (called Canopy’s in some locations) are strung in the tops of the trees high above the jungle floor.

A thousand years ago, over a million Mayans lived in what is now Belize. Today, the nation of Belize has a population of about 280,000 people, yet much remains of the great civilization of the Mayan people. There are a number of excellent sites in the interior of Belize and many more in the surrounding countries of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.