Getting It

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The wonderful Lynn “tin tin” Toney, as I like to call her, was teaching on the topic “GETTING IT”

The IT was Freedom.

Lynn is wonderful facilitating the Holy Spirit. She was on her A game this week, the freedom she wanted us to get was that from our past hurts and events that really weighed us down and disconnected us from God.


Through the course of the week we did different activities that involved us genuinely sharing life together. For many, myself included, this was understandably terrifying and difficult, but so worth it.

I never would have been honest in years past about this stuff to other people but when God showed up and began a work in my heart, I almost cried.

Feelings have not ever been a strong point in my life. The freedom that came after the weeks teaching and actively doing what God was asking of me, I was truly peaceful.


It is amazing when I truly let God to begin to heal me in the major areas of my life that have affected me.

It opened up the door for me to start realising all the other things that I needed to be getting free from.

This is an on going process that I continue to work at and learn more about it every day but the freedom that comes everyday is less and less of me and more and more of Him. Walking in new understanding and making the choice to follow God with my whole heart.


I am so thankful for Lynn, and her teaching, she is truly a woman after the Fathers heart.

MaskWritting2 My prayer has become that of a plea to the Lord. God, Let us learn, grow and worship you Jesus, for the blessing that freedom is to our hearts. Keep us in your loving and caring arms. Hold our families in the safety of your Love. Thank you Lord for Lynn and the way she loves and lives for you! Amen.



Jess Roberson – Leadership DTS January 2013

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