Team Zambia Update

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Friday 24th of March, team Zambia left the YWAM DP Belize base in anticipation of the new adventure God has lined up for them. We boated, bussed and flew till we arrived in Houston, Texas. Having 2 Texans on our team this was a huge deal. Missy and her family blessed us with a night at her house during our 20 hour layover, we had mattresses, warm showers, Romanian pastry, and real milk!

The team went in two waves to LAX where we met again as we waited for our 22 hour flight with Ethiopian airlines to Ethiopia and then onto our final destination; Lusaka, Zambia. We had such a blessed journey as all our bags came through safely, all our visas were accepted, and other misplaced items were found. Thank you Jesus!


Our welcome into Lusaka was incredible, our contact Nephtali and all the youth from the church we were connected with met us and greeted us. We rode the bus, African tunes blasting, bags packed into the back and people sat on top of each other. At a stop on the way to our host home we introduced the youth to some of our tunes, we danced and sang and in no time had attracted a decent crowd and there were even a few Asians recording us.

Our hosts, pastor Siame, his wife Aunt Reni and their 2 daughters Faith and Zanji, have been incredibly hospitable and so generous with their time and resources. It’s been another huge blessing and just awesome conformation that God wants us here as He’s providing for our needs. We have a fairly busy schedule here, after our rest day; we prepared a bible study for a home cell group where we split into 4 teams. Each team decided on a topic, then put together some notes and verses and prayed, inviting the Holy Spirit to talk through them.


We went to the Breath of Heaven orphanage. It’s was incredible! A couple from Ohio had set it up in 2012 and they have created such a wonderful community and its was beautiful to see how much they love the children there. We got to sing some songs and do a skit for them and spent the rest of the day playing with the kids and just loving them.

We spent the morning with the youth and some other members of the Marvels of Grace church talking to people about Jesus. It was a different approach to evangelism than many of us were used to. We went into houses and were asked to simply speak to people about Jesus. It was awesome getting to pray with people and such a blessing to spend time with God’s children.


We took up a portion of the church service on Sunday so we prepared a dance/drama, Alex and Katie spoke and Josh spoke on joy. We started with a song that the youth had taught us about Jesus being number 1 and finished with one of our songs. But as typical of the culture here they wanted to hear more so we did an additional song and when they asked for another, Ally saved us by praying over our community.

We visited a clinic with the intentions of doing some cleaning and maybe talking to some of the patients. We ended up only having an hour there, the boys stayed outside tidying and cutting the grass with machetes. The girls split into 2 groups, one cleaning and one evangelising. We had the opportunity to speak with and pray over mothers and their children, men and women. It was a huge blessing, some of us felt deep compassion for the patients and others saw the hope that this clinic provided. It was definitely challenging and draining and only possible in God’s strength.


We had an awesome day where we slit into pairs and went to a Zambian home to experience their daily lives. We got to go to the market, make powder from grinding and sifting peanuts, cook caterpillars, cut okra, make the traditional nshima and eat ALL of it! Others learnt how to hand wash clothes, carry water containers on their heads and carry babies on their backs. It was such a fun day and. So full of joy and new experiences. It was something new and we felt honoured to have been invited into the homes and welcomed so warmly by all the families.

Something vital we’re learning here is dying to self and keeping our hands open; the way of life is very different. We may arrange to leave at 8am for an event but the truck doesn’t pick us up till 10am, or we’ll plan to go back to the house between events and end up hanging around and not get then break we’d hoped for.


Nanneke Boxall, Jersey Channel Islands, 09/09/1996, 19 yrs

Nanneka Boxall



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12592708_907216436059188_1700371316660941651_nOne of the coolest parts about a DTS is that it’s split into two phases: the lecture phase and the outreach phase. I recently had the privilege of assisting leading an outreach team to Costa Rica and it was incredible to witness why the two phases of a DTS are so powerful.

In James 1:22-25, he talks about why it is so important for us to both hear the word of God and do what it says. He relates someone who only hears to someone who is looking in a mirror. While we are in front of the mirror we can see everything clearly. We know who we are, we know what we look like, we don’t worry about forgetting what we know because it’s right there in front of us; but when we walk away it’s hard to remember exactly what we look like. We remember the general idea but we can’t remember the fullness of it.

5471_889969017783930_6086534070828449110_nThis is like when we hear the word. When we are sitting in church or lecture phase or bible study we can understand it, it makes sense, we don’t feel like we will ever forget it but if we don’t do anything about it we will never remember or experience the fullness of it. If we don’t walk it out, if we don’t take that “mirror” with us by DOING what we just learned about we will soon lose the fullness of the experience. We will be left with a vague recollection of what was once so clear and so powerful.

James 1:22 says “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourself.” Having a DTS split between lecture phase (hearing) and outreach phase (doing) is a perfect way to not only remember what we learned during this season but to really bring it home and experience the fullness of it. It helps us to recognize that what we heard really is true and to bring that knowledge from our head into our heart.

10259333_10208016139619501_6791142556242635619_nIn Costa Rica it was incredible to see this happen right before my eyes. In lecture phase we learned about a God who brings life where there is none, a God who heals brokenness, a God who breaks chains and brings freedom to those who are in desperate need of it. Most of all we learned about a God who loves us furiously, relentlessly, completely. We learned that our job as Christians is simply to love him back, and love those around us (Matthew 22:37-39).

The team didn’t just stop there, they didn’t just learn about this amazing God, but they lived for him. They didn’t just hear that we were to love, they loved with everything they had.

12552945_950472205006362_7209092096021733453_nWe did a ministry in Costa Rica named “life.” It was pretty simple, we would go into the city we were in and we would simply love people. We would do whatever we would normally do in life, but we would do it through God’s eyes rather than our own. If we wanted coffee or ice cream we would strike up conversations and build relationships with the barista or with those waiting in line, if we saw brokenness we would pray for healing, if we saw someone sitting alone we would sit with them and get to know their story.

We helped God change lives and bring love to the streets of Costa Rica in powerful ways because we were willing to walk out what we had only heard about before. Throughout all of outreach God was teaching everyone on the team the importance of doing, the importance of not just saying we believe something but actually living it. He was reminding us of who we are, reminding us of who He is, reminding us of love, and helping us to experience the fullness of His word because we didn’t just listen to it, we acted on it.

12465775_10205552070829341_8600612972635113461_oThis is why it is so incredible that a DTS has two phases, because it allows students to get a taste the fullness of what Christ has to offer. It isn’t meant to be a finish line, or a one-time experience, but a starting gate, a launch pad into the rest of life. It allows students to carry that “mirror” with them and not forget who their Father is, to not forget what they learned. It allows them to continue to live “life” with Christ, living and loving people through God’s eyes. It equips them to continue to discover and experience the fullness of who God is.


  • Josh Lake



¨Every Experience of beauty points to eternity¨

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It was a very special time in my life.
I was nineteen, and ready for a new adventure with Jesus exploring a new side of the world. Neither experiencing foreign countries nor the belief in Jesus was anything new to me, my parents met each other through YWAM ministries.
Within five years the four of us siblings where born, me being the first. My parents then left Norway and went out doing missions in Turkey for 5 years. They were young, free, and full of passion for Jesus. We had so much adventure and many stories to tell.

One month before I flew over the Ocean from Norway to the Caribbean to do my DTS with YWAM,
my parents marriage broke apart, it was heartbreaking and devastating as you can imagine, nobody could believe it.
In the mess of the heartbreak, I understood that I had to leave everything behind for a moment and enter a time in Paradise and romance with Jesus. It did not make much sense to me at the time; why did I choose living on a boat in the Caribbean when it had nothing to do with what I was really passionate about? Like art and fashion, little did I know I was about to find out. I had always been the shy girl, and so I dove in headfirst to a leadership DTS on sailboats.

The theme of the week was ¨Destiny by design¨. We were asked to spend 30 min drawing down what we felt was our calling for our life. Since I am more visual and visionary then verbal, I liked this challenge a lot. It reminded me of when I was four years old and my mom gave me a blank notebook and wrote on the cover: ¨Jesus and me¨ and told me to draw or write down what I heard from Jesus, and the many dreams I had – That eventually happened in real life. This is how I learned from young age to trust God´s voice.

I found an empty spot on the boat overlooking the bright colored sea and magic sky.
On a piece of paper I started drawing a woman wearing a dress and a crown. With a text saying: ¨Dressing Prostitutes into Princesses ¨. Inspired by the scripture in the Bible: Ezekiel 16:4-14.
It feels really cheesy writing this now, but to the core; It is what my calling and vision is about.
I had discovered the seed planted in me.
Hello Fashion industry!

SN.AD.2 You may not know, but the Fashion industry has a Kingdom of its own. The Fashion kingdom has its own culture, with many languages, with Kings and Queens. No School will teach you the languages; you live and learn though experience. You may be fortunate enough though like me, to meet people along your journey that will teach and mentor you.

It has been seven years now. The seed has become a small tree.
Last November 2015 I launched my High – end brand SarahNeuhard, and showcased my first collection called ´Scandal of Grace´ at Beverly Hilton in Hollywood, CA.
The collection was about Femininity and women’s true identity as children of God, and inspired by Paris – the heart of the Fashion Kingdom.

This journey was not an easy or fast one. It all started back when I left the boat in Paradise and flew over to New York to intern for a ministry called Models for Christ. An international network of Christian fashion Professionals: coming together, serving and being a light in the Fashion Industry. I experienced the Fashion industry for the first time from the inside. It was an eye opening time.
Later I moved on to modeling in Norway and Milan for a short while, I soon decided it was not for me.
I wanted to move into what was pulling on my heart so strongly. Fashion design.

I moved to Copenhagen and studied fashion there; the capital of Scandinavian design. It is a city where entrepreneurs and artist sprout forth. It was intense and rough on me personally. Growth Pains are no fun. Despite the long hours and lonely days, I blossomed. I soon became known for designing Haute Couture. ´You should move to Paris! All your designs are couture´ – teachers told me.
They saw something I did not yet see, but soon to discover.

AD.sn3I later worked for couture Houses in London and Copenhagen. I loved it! I was finding my home.
I then spent one year creating a project called ¨OCEAN ¨.
It started when I was walking on the sea short one day, and I found myself being all captivated by creation and God as a creator, and Designer. ¨ What you create God is just so amazing, How do you do it ?! How do you think when you shape, invent and color? Are there some principles I can learn from you? ¨ I wondered. ¨Study what I have created and I will show you! Trust me. ¨ He answered me. I felt excitement and joy fill my whole body. Seconds later I started seeing visions, creations … I got my little sister to help me pick up as many blue shells as possible. ¨What are you going to do with all these blue-shells?¨ She asked confused. ¨I am going to create some dresses¨, I said.

God led me to create what I though would not be possible. Remembering what He said : ¨Trust me, one step at a time and Ill show you¨. He did, It was a miracle, and turned out better then I could imagine. He taught me essential principles I use today when I create. The amazing thing is that it does not stop; He Keeps teaching me.

I had a team of only top fashion professionals working with me for free on the production of the photos and the photo shoot. It was shot on a stunning Ocean side in Sweden early spring. It should have been freezing that day, but amazingly the sun hit in such a way that kept us warm.
That day was ¨out of this world¨.

Finally the journey lead me to Paris. It was a time to experience fashion at its core.
To Learn the Language, my Parisians network grew rapidly; I meet so many amazing people in fashion; believers and non-believers. Gathering Christians in Fashion and leading MFC Paris.
Time went by too fast, almost a year later and my season there came to an end; But it is not my final season in Paris.

I produced my first collection ¨Scandal of Grace¨, and shot the photos in one of Paris’ oldest buildings.
It was a mind-blowing experience to see my vision come alive. That is the beauty about creating and telling a story through fashion and cloths. Without words I speak to hearts, and my message may reach far deeper and personally, because everyone will feel a little different about what they experience.

I love the quote ¨Every experience of beauty points to eternity¨.
Say if you are a women and you try one of my dresses; I do not need to tell you that you are Beautiful, feminine, strong and have royal Identity – You will feel beautiful and valued. That is Powerful, even life changing.

Today I am living in a small town in Norway. I moved back to reconnect with my Norwegian roots and to focus my attention of creating the next collection and all the start up work on my brand.
I am exited and curious to see where my path will go from here.
Again He whispers ¨Trust, and I will show you ¨.

We are all called to change the world for the good, to bring Heaven on to earth. To speak and share the truth, reaching hearts and bringing back to life the glory we are created for.
We have royal Identity, lets remind each other to wear our crown and not settle for less.

Check out my website, and please let me know what the story tells you: www.sarahneuhard.com


Veronica Sarah Neuhard


Adventure day

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Uten navn2One of the awesome things that we get to do at YWAM DP is go on an Adventure Day! We get to go on to the main land and explore our adventurous side as we zip line, meet some local creatures, and climb Mayan Ruins. Our adventure began at 5am as we struggled to get out of bed and get our casita mates up and going. First we went zip lining Uten navnand cheered each other on as we hung upside down and were goofy together. Then we got to go to the Belize Zoo and see monkeys, jaguars, and a tapir, the national animal of Belize. My personal favorites were the toucan and a spotted jaguar, which jumped towards the fence
because he thought the little kid on the other side was a snack. Then, we hiked to the top of the Mayan ruins and enjoyed ice cream together before we made our way home.

10358915_10207120091534640_3818377099748621749_oPersonally, I felt like this day was a test drive for outreach and I learned a lot. When people are tired, hungry, and crammed into a van they can sometimes not be themselves, but when you love each other you look past these moments and see them for who they really are. I feel blessed to live in a community where people are learning how to walk in grace and love together. I’ve grown so much over the last 8 weeks just from getting to know all these amazing people; I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our last three months.


  • Rachel Collins


Life changing – Changing lives

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Hello everyone; my name is Seth or some people call me Swethy.

10253754_10205418548171855_5754138120502663433_nThe last five months have been so life changing that it would take to long to tell everything, so I will just tell you a few things. The over arching theme for me was to get Freedom and choosing Joy. In lecture phase, the first 3 months of DTS, God was teaching me how much He loves me, that I’m His child. That my past has been forgiven and that it´s truly just my past. How to step in to freedom, how to choose joy, and how He is calling me to be a leader. God’s love is very personal and it´s not dependent on our actions, but it´s constant because you are his child and there is nothing that you can do to make him love you any more or any less. Being a child of God means you have authority in your Father, you are loved and wanted, He wants to spend time with you, He satisfies you and sustains you, and you are never empty if you are living in relationship with your Father. My past is marked with lust, porn, addiction, greed and darkness, but my Father has forgiven me and placed it as far as the east is from the west and it is no longer a part of me. Freedom chosen: I choose freedom in DTS from fear, past sin and un-forgiveness. Choosing joy is a daily thing of having the perspective that Jesus has bought your freedom, and that He has given you everything that you need. Jesus is calling me to be a pastor in the morning, and calling me out into servant leadership.

12778728_1279101242116650_4520775520126818471_oOn outreach (seven weeks in Ecuador) God was asking me “do you trust me?” He aksed me three questions of sacrifice, surrender and sufficiency. Sacrifice: what are you willing to sacrifice to become closer to me? Surrender: what are you willing to surrender for me? Sufficient: are you satisfied with just Jesus and nothing else?

What God is asking me now that I am home, “Are you truly hungry for me and not anything of this world? What do you want to do next? How are you going to live life? How are you going to deal with porn, lust and greed?” These are the questions I am answering now. Thank you to everyone that supported me in prayer and financially. Thank you to all the leaders at the base and all my brothers and sisters that I got to know on DTS.


  • Seth Andrew Kasper