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I´m still growing

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“I’m just a seed

Not yet a tree

But I’m still growing”


In 2014, we decided to check out this volunteer program in Kona, Hawaii called YWAM; little did we know how much being a mission builder would change our lives! Jumping forward two years, we are again serving with YWAM, but this time at Destination Paradise, Belize.

Why serve again? We wanted to partner with the staff and be a helping hand for daily tasks so that they can invest more of their time in dreaming and planning for God’s Kingdom. Being here we get to be a part of the students’ lives and seeing their transformation as they become the men and women God intended them to be.


We are honored to serve in this community and witness God’s work and power firsthand. With the base here in Belize being considerably smaller than in Kona, we are a tight family together with the staff and students. The beautiful thing about this family is that it doesn’t matter who you are, there is freedom to grow here for everyone. Everybody challenges each other to grow and not stay as they came and we want to challenge YOU to step out of your comfort zone, change your “normal” and become a part of something bigger than yourself!


Julie and Marina