Overrunning with Blessings!

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Hi, my name is Joanie and I have the blessing to be a part of the DP family!  Since I got here, God has been continually bringing me out of my comfort zone and He really is transforming me more and more every day, as I’m taking steps of faith.

Last week, we did some ministry in San Pedro and it was amazing!  From teaching the kids in a school to cleaning houses and praying for people, I learned a lot about putting into action the love that God has poured in my heart!  “Loving on people” means so much more to me now, as I have experienced something completely new!  I thought that I was going out to bless, but I have been so surprised by how the people I met, all throughout the week, have blessed me and impacted me in a very special and unique way!  I got so much more than I thought I would actually receive from giving!

I got to connect with a woman who is living in one of the poorest area of Belize, called San Mateo, with her kids and family.  My team and I spent a couple of hours at her house, just cleaning the outside of the property and talking with her.  I was honored just to be able to sit and spend time to get to know this woman of hope,  joy and faith.  Even though she didn’t have enough food to feed her family and a clean place to lay her head, she has the most important thing: a joy simply coming out of her and radiating!

The more time I spend in the Belizean culture, the more I think that I LOVE IT!!  The Belizeans are so welcoming and rich in love!  It’s hard to believe that we are almost finished with our time in Belize but we are more than excited to be leaving on Outreach in just a few weeks!  Our team is going to go to South Africa and Guatemala.  For those who want to support us in prayer, it would be really appreciated since we want this time to be completely about God and memorable!  Both teams are going to post updates from their respective location, so that you can be a part of this adventure!  We look forward to sharing more of what God is giving us the chance to be part of!

Finding Value in Leadership

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Hello, my name is Joshua Martin. I am a student in the September 2011 DTS at YWAM Destination Paradise.  I have learned so much during the past few weeks of lecture.  One of the things that I’ve been learning a lot about here is leadership.  Since this is a leadership DTS, we have a leadership class once a week where we go over a book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell, which talks about what it takes to become a good leader.

A leader has to be a good listener, not just someone who takes control in every situation, but someone who listens to what everyone else has to say.  To be able to lead effectively I have to be able to listen to the people on my team and act on what they say.  You increase your value as a leader by increasing the value in the people around you.

One of the stories that I learned while reading this leadership book is the story of the founder of Costco.  He invests his time and energy in each one of his employees.  He makes it a point to pay all of Costco employees better than average wages, which gives the employees incentive to work harder.  Because of the commitment to increase the value of his employees, his company has continued to successfully grow.  This story has had a large impact on my view of leadership.  Because I never thought that you could increase your leadership potential by adding to the value of others.  This part of leadership is something that I feel that I can really apply to my own life.   When I am trying to share my faith, for example, I need to first learn about the people I am sharing with and what they are interested in or affected by.  I can’t just rush into the situation and try to share God’s love with them while completely ignoring them as a person.  While I am building a relationship with them and showing them that I care, God’s love is revealed.  Good leadership is something that I can use in my Christian walk as well as at my job and in all other areas of life.  I have been learning so much here at YWAM DP and I hope to continue to grow in my relationship with God and my leadership abilities.  Please pray for me to continue to step out into Godly leadership in a way that brings Him glory.