When is the next DTS? When is the next one after that?

Where are the schools located?

How long is the program? There are 3 phases?

What is different about your program?

Why should I come to YWAM DP?

How can I apply as a student?

How much does the YWAM Destination Paradise DTS cost?

What is YWAM?

How many students are in each school?

Where do the students come from?

Who are the speakers for the lecture phase?

What ADVENTURE opportunities can I find in Belize as a YWAM DP student?

Can I get college credit for this course?

What can I bring with me?

What can't I bring with me?

What type of sleeping bag do I need?

What type of clothes do I need to bring?

What type of swim wear is acceptable?

Should I bring my own batteries?

Can I bring my computer?

Can I expect to have Internet access?

What toiletries should I bring?

How much money should I bring?

Is it easy to exchange money?

Can I bring my iPod?

What is the food like?

What is the climate like?

Who decides where outreach is located?

What is the internship all about?

Do you have a library at the base?

What are the academic requirements of the lecture phase?

Do we attend local churches?

Will we engage with local people?

Can my parents or my boyfriend/girlfriend visit during my DTS?

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