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Y W A M D P | Get Involved

Get Involved

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the exciting ministry of YWAM Destination Paradise! Our DTS, Second level schools and Discover DTS all provide leadership training and mission preparation. If you have a heart to serve you can connect with our partner organization, Mission Builders International, to volunteer with us more long term. And if you’ve done a DTS and are looking for a place to put your new skills in use, you can always apply to be part of our staff! We also invite you to partner with us through prayer, financial support, and/or visiting our campus here in Belize.

You mean the world to us

Financial Contributions

YWAM DP ventures to keep its tuition and fees as low as possible, and as such relies on contributions from individuals and organizations who help us maintain and grow our campus and mission. In the last decade, we’ve helped thousands of people, of all ages, activate their faith, making a difference in their own life, while at the same time bringing the message of God’s love and mercy to countless others around the globe. Our aim is to equip tens of thousands more people – motivating their lives and hearts to reach millions throughout the world.


Needs List

Sometimes guests ask about what needs they can meet in addition to making cash donations… what items they can bring with them when they come to Belize. We keep the following needs list current. In most cases, the item includes a link to an on-line listing of the specific item we are looking for. If you have any questions about the items on this list or any variation you have in mind, please ask. In all cases, please do not make substitutions (like substituting factory printer toner with refill toner cartridges) without checking with us first, thanks!

Printer Cartridge Package

Sheets (size Queen and King in tan color)


Towel Sets- 6 Piece Set in Driftwood

Roasting Pan

YWAM Destination Paradise is recognized in the United States by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and therefore all donations from US donors are tax deductible. Donations from supporters’ countries other than the US may be tax deductible as well. Please check with appropriate authorities for more information. Please note that tuition payments for YWAM DP schools are not tax deductible under IRS regulations.

The staff at YWAM DP are nothing short of amazing! Becoming a YWAM DP staff member lets you take your DTS experience to the next level. Whether it’s working in the kitchen, staffing a DTS or helping maintain our campus, you’ll be part of a community who loves the Lord and is dedicated to encouraging each other, growing in Christ, working as a team and living a life of faith and adventure.

Apply now

Life As Staff


At YWAM DP staff have the opportunity to learn, grow, and serve in a growing community focused on furthering the mission Jesus has set before us. We love to work hard and play hard and will likely take part in several roles while on base. Our staff family varies between 13-25 members on base during any quarter, that means we all need to pitch in where needed whether that is in the kitchen or maintaining the base. Staff also always have the freedom to use the adventure equip, go for a dive, or explore the island. One of our values is “do first, then teach” and we strive to do this with excellence. Staff can also expect to be well supported by the leadership on base as well as by the community as a whole.


YWAM DP leadership is broken down into seven different positions. The base is run by our Circle Leadership Team. There is one base leader and six different circle leaders. The different circles we have on base are administrations, operations, ministry, facilities, training, and media. Our leadership is derived from a lot of prayer and dreaming for the future of DP. Our leadership team meets weekly to discuss the things happening on base, pray for the future of DP, and come together with updates on projects.

Day to Day

At DP we live with an attitude of flexibility and are always willing to change things up if need be. That being said there are some things that happen regularly on base throughout the week. There are regular morning meetings for school staff where they will pray and talk about the upcoming events in class. Guys and girls will split off into separate meetings a little bit later in the morning to connect, pray, have fun, and check in. We value the health of our staff and love to take even small moments to make sure we are all in a good place. Another regular meeting is bi-weekly all staff / circle meetings that take place on Tuesday afternoons, at these meetings we share announcements and spend time praying for the whole community. Outside of meetings there is worship, intercession, and community meeting. We work six days a week for about six hours a day. There is always time for volleyball and spear fishing when the work is done.

Being Home

As a community we highly value being able to rest well and being comfortable to go home at the end of the day to relax. The staff at DP are committed from 1-5 years so in turn work hard to make the base home. Each staff casita has between 2-4 people living there at any time. Staff are given the freedom to make their rooms become home by hanging photos, painting, and creating a personal space.

We welcome you to come visit us at our YWAM DP campus. Come spend a week or two: worship with us, go diving, meet students and speakers, hang out with staff, relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, join us in ministry, and get a good look at effective training and missionary preparation. Combine your vacation with a chance to see YWAM DP in action. We have a number of guest casitas and would love to host you as you take a break from the everyday bustle and enjoy God’s beauty. The casitas can host a group of singles, couples or families with children, but they fill up fast, so please contact us if you’re interested in a visit. There is no fee for staying at YWAM DP as a guest. Our hope is that your time here would be, above all else, refreshing in body and spirit. If you feel lead by the Lord, we do accept donations to help the ministry and campus upkeep, but it is not in anyway expected or required. We are blessed to share this beauty and adventure with you.

Contact YWAM DP

Our campus is beautiful, and being directly on the beach, the sea salt air means a whole lot of upkeep. We love to host small mission teams or even families who have the heart and skills to serve. We’ve had church groups come for a week and renovate an entire casita, families come to assist with our technology and communications, and mission builders who spent months helping with daily operations and maintenance. Please contact us if you would like to come spend some time swinging a hammer or serving on a short-term trip. For larger groups, consider sponsoring one of our bigger renovation projects. We’ll do our best to ensure your week(s) is an awesome experience of faith, adventure and service.

Mission Builders who have interest in coming to serve with YWAM DP can click here for much more information through MBI and to apply online.  We’d love to welcome you to YWAM DP and are very grateful for  your service!

Contact YWAM DP

YWAM Destination Paradise believes that God hears and answers prayers! Help spread the word about the work we are doing down in Belize. Share our heart for young people around the world, and keep our ministry in your prayers. We always need prayers for more students for the DTS (Discipleship Training School), FCM (Foundations of Counseling Ministry), Word By Heart, and BCC (Bible Core Course). Pray with us for good relationships on the island of San Pedro and finances to further the dreams we have for DP. We would also love to pray for you, if you have any prayer requests please send them to info@ywamdp.org !