Destination Paradise

Alyssa & Israel Esquivel

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I (Alyssa) was born in the midwest in Ohio but my family now resides in the DC area. I went to college in California and then worked for almost 4 years for a church in the Santa Cruz area working with missions, small groups and youth ministry. After which I came to Belize to do my DTS. Israel was born and raised on the island where we live and did his DTS here in Belize in September 2012. We both have served in various roles in the community and continue to be committed to leadership at YWAM Destination Paradise. In January 2014 we welcomed our daughter Faith to the mission field as well!

That is what we do and our background, but the core of who we are is servants of a God who shed his life so that we may have the freedom to choose him. We are a prince and princess of the King of Kings who want nothing more than to sit with him and talk about life in the cool of the garden. We are a daughter and son who are surrendered to the call of the LORD in our lives allowing him to take us wherever, whenever and to do whatever he calls. Out of his great love we love. If you wanna read more about what God is doing for us personally you can check out our blog at

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