Destination Paradise


Daniel & Julia Skog

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We both grew up in Östersund, Sweden. We met in our local church and started dating in March of 2011. We soon realized our common desire to live a different life and pursue our faith which led us to do a ski and snowboard DTS in Oxford, New Zealand in the fall of 2013.

We were engaged at the time and got married after the DTS. 2014-2015 we lived on the Sunshine Coast in Australia where we did the SBS (School of Biblical Studies). That was an amazing year and since then we have felt a stronger longing to come back to full time ministry.

After 2 years of working in Sweden and Norway we sold our apartment in September of 2017 and moved to Belize where we are currently staffing DTS. We both love adventure and being outdoors. Back country skiing is big passion of ours but we also love warm weather, volleyball and spending time snorkeling and diving.