Destination Paradise

Francis Gagné

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I was born and raised in a Christian family from Quebec, Canada. I have always attended church since I was a kid, but in early 2013 I was at the point where I realized I was getting nowhere. I wasn’t sure what I was doing all of this for anymore and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure I believed in God anymore. And that is when I chose to do a five months DTS. So that led me to coming to San Pedro, Belize with YWAMDP. That is where I truly experienced God for the first time. And you can’t be the same after such an encounter with God! It made me realize how important it is to truly and fully live a life for Him. And for me that has given me a passion to share His awesome love with others by simply loving and helping the people around me.

So after doing my DTS, I chose to trust in God and answer His call by going back to San Pedro to staff here at YWAMDP. And I am just so excited for this chapter of my life as there is so much to learn and experience here. It is such an amazing thing to be able to witness others gain freedom and experience God, and to be there to love them through the process!

God is so faithful as we commit to where He’s calling us!

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