Destination Paradise

Katelyn Supina

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I grew up in a small town central Alberta, Canada where I had known about God my whole life but never really knew him. I viewed Him as an “authoritative figure” in heaven who I prayed to sometimes. 20 years of underestimating God and placing Him in a miniscule box became so unfulfilling and I knew there had to be more. I dove in and committed 5 months to giving God a chance to show me more. During my DTS He became more than just this “imposing, stern deity” in heaven that I prayed to every so often, He became my best-friend, my closest confidante, my safety, my piece of home, my Dad. I am ready to drop anything and everything to obey my God and serve Him with all that I have. He has called me back to YWAM DP but this time as a staff member and I couldn’t be more thrilled to live out my passion for ministry with the opportunity to share His unconditional, never-ending love with others. My life has forever been changed; I have witnessed incredible transformations of fellow students and friends by this incredible God I call my Dad, and I am more than excited to watch more lives significantly change through Christ at YWAM DP.


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