Destination Paradise

Nanneke Boxall

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Hey my name is Nanneke, I’m from the little island of Jersey in the British Isles. After pursuing my dreams of being a pilot in the Royal Navy came to a bit of an abrupt end, I realised God was asking me to put Him first so that He could be part of my future, rather than me just powering on solo. I heard about YWAM and applied to the Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Belize.
God absolutely rocked my world and on DTS revealed Himself to me in ways I’d never imagined before.
I see God as relational and compassionate with the significance and beauty of His love completely overwhelming me. The fact that He 
chooses to love each and every one of us unconditionally is just astounding.
He challenges me because it’s a way for me to grow, grow closer to Him because I have a reason to lean on Him. In a relationship we need to be intentional, I want to know Jesus on a deep, meaningful and personal level; to spend time with Him, to hang out and laugh hysterically. I will seek Him in everything I say and do not because I know it’s what He wants but because I need Him and He knows that
Talking about what’s next, I feel God is calling me back to missions and DP as staff; something He absolutely surprised me with. I’m a planner and like to know what’s next and all the steps In between. Since being at YWAM I’ve been learning to just trust and felt God was asking me to be obedient in applying and being okay with not knowing the outcome. He was challenging me in trusting Him and coming back on staff is a huge part of my learning and journey with Him. 
Can’t WAIT to share His joy with others!! 


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