Destination Paradise

Stef Rosu

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I’m a first generation American, born in Houston from a large Romanian family. Ever since I was very young I’ve felt a deep longing and hunger for “something more” and I felt that there was more to Christianity than going to church every Sunday and just following the rules.  I didn’t know what the “something more” was until I came and did my DTS in April of 2014, that is when Jesus completely captivated me & ruined me for the ordinary. I went from having head knowledge of Jesus to having heart knowledge, the connection from my head to my heart clicked; it became real. Freedom, healing, truth, joy, & love happened. It became a relationship and no longer a religion. The hunger & passion I have for loving and encouraging people has brought me back to Belize to serve others and be a tiny part of an amazing community that helps facilitate this journey for other young people like me!

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