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Y W A M D P | Ministry

Section 2: Academics


The YWAM Destination Paradise Discipleship Training School Program is made up of three phases: Lecture, Outreach and Optional Internship.  Each phase is distinct in purpose and focus. While some ministry occurs during lecture phase, larger projects and a strong focus on external ministry certainly happen during outreach.

  • Lecture– 12 weeks of intensive lectures, study, preparation and heart searching
  • Outreach– 8 weeks of powerful ministry, pouring out the love of Jesus and putting into practice the principles and teaching from the Lecture Phase
  • Optional Internship– Putting everything from the first two phases into practice in the context of another team in ‘real world ministry’

While the integrity of each phase needs to be protected in order to maximize effectiveness, as children of God and co laborers with Christ, we are exhorted to “always be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us”.  Students and staff are very much encouraged to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit at all times and engage with people however they are led.

The first phase is primarily preparation and the second two phases are essentially practice. The lecture phase is sharply focused on lectures, study, and heart searching. Most of the ministry is typically ‘internal’ but a good deal of engaging of people is also likely during this first phase.  The principles and lessons learned during the lecture phase are put into practice during outreach and internship where larger projects and planned ministry in conjunction with other ministries is sure to occur.