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Six Things Missionaries Wished You Knew

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I have been in the mission field full time now for four years. I can honestly say it has been some of the best and hardest times in my life. Like most full time volunteer missionaries I rely solely on the support of family, friends, and believers. It can be a very rewarding yet challenging thing to allow God the freedom to move and cling to Him during financial hard times. Unless you are a missionary yourself who has had to raise support and/or you’ve walked alongside missionaries in the field there may be things that you are unaware of when it comes to support raising. Here are my top six things I believe missionaries wish people knew about us when support raising.

Next Steps, Bigger Journey

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DCIM100GOPROGOPR2165.During the few final weeks of my DTS I really felt like God was calling me back to Belize to attending a second level school with YWAM DP called the FCM (Foundations in Counselling Ministry.) “The FCM is a 3 month course (with an optional 3 month outreach) that introduces students to a Biblical framework for Christian counseling, equipping them with skills to provide counseling in a hurt and broken world.” –

As soon as I got home I applied right away, had an interview with the beautiful Ally (our school leader) and little did I know that within 10 minutes of our conversation she was going to tell me I was accepted back to Belize to do the FCM this July, and I had to be there on my birthday. Best birthday present ever, right? It all worked out so smoothly and happened so fast it seems like God was already at work preparing me for my next journey. And, then things went down hill from there. I started to look for work to start saving up money. I applied to almost every place that was hiring, and didn’t get one single call back, which become extremely discouraging. I was a nanny on the side, but not enough to pay for the entire FCM. A couple months went by and I gave up trying to find a job. On top of that, I had a lot going on at home and with my family, that I become easily distracted and started to believe these lies the enemy was throwing my way, things like “I wasn’t ready to do the FCM” or “I have to much stuff to going on here to pack up and leave again” and found myself in the mindset that it was all true, that I wasn’t suppose to go back to Belize. But deep down inside me I had this fire burning passion for people who were hurting, who were tied down by their ball and chain, a passion for freedom, that when I thought about YWAM, everything they stand for and what they are doing on the shores of Belize and in the nations, I got that gut feeling that you really can’t explain, but you know it’s right.

12144735_10205031648899615_5088090321521532601_nAgain, I started to really pray and seek out not only God’s heart behind doing the FCM but my own, and this was when God completely shut the doors to the lies the enemy was feeding me and re-lit that fire burning passion in me. So just like that I told the enemy that he had absolutely no place in this decision that I was making, so here I am.. getting ready in embark on an even bigger journey.. that starts in just a few days.

Alexandra Lemay


Exiting the Sidelines

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“Forgive me for picking up what I’ve already laid down at your feet.”

77b19c95-0920-48d1-b4c3-75ef9fc753e2“I surrender”. Why does saying that seem so hard? Why does it seem like such a struggle to agree to let go of something, and totally hand it over to God? I mean, you would think that we would be able to trust the one who gave us this life in the first place; the one who had a plan for us from the beginning, the one who knows us better than we even know ourselves. You would think that we would be able to trust that He has His best intentions with everything He guides us to. After all, our dreams and desires came from Him anyway. When we look at it like this, and understand the truths we already know, we should be able to stand before Him open handed and feel at peace with where He is leading us, with the trials we are currently facing and the trials we know we are yet to face.

You might be reading this thinking about surrendering something yourself, you might be battling with something right now that you just can’t seem to let go of, or maybe you’re reading this and can’t relate to a word I am saying; maybe to you, surrendering is something you have already battled with and are now content with doing.

As for me, I personally have been challenged beyond what I had imagined since being here on staff and one of the biggest things that has challenged me is with surrendering; surrendering my selfish desires to God, my dreams, my plans, and my personal “needs” to Him; surrendering what I would like to happen, to what actually is. Surrendering to the now.

_A0A8164In battling with this I have learnt that in order to surrender, I need to agree to stop fighting, hiding and resisting, because I know that I will not win or succeed in doing so. In fact, I am only making the challenge even harder on myself by not just taking a deep breath, letting go and letting God. I’m learning that, as we are told in 2 Chronicles 20:15, “the battle is not ours, but God’s”. So then why do I/ we allow ourselves to believe it is? Why do we try to fight so hard?

I recently had a great conversation about God putting us through trials recently and that every challenge we face is actually just another step, to something greater, to growing higher and stronger in whatever life throws at us. I find that we stand on that step, in that trial and often think that this is the worst thing that could be happening, we look at the worst of every situation, every struggle, every burden. I find that very rarely, someone will go through pain and say, “Thank you God for this challenge. Thank you for this fight.” But in the long run, if we go through trials with faith that we can get through it, we will be strong to fight the next, and the next, and be able to run up the staircase of challenges. We just need to believe that it is not in our control.

Similarly, surrendering something to God is a challenge, it isn’t easy. And in this, I’m learning to not just linger around on the same step, ignoring the fact I need to surrender, but to hold on to the hope that God has promised me, the hope that he has a plan and a purpose for me and that he knows my heart’s desires and dreams.

And so I want to finish with this question, a quote from a book I have recently read, “it’s a war. Are you going to sit on the sidelines or get up and fight in this?”. Are you going to wait for the “right time” to surrender, for the “sign” to be given, or are you going to rise up, raise your arms, and lay it down? Because why stress about something that isn’t in your hands?

-Mandy Griffin


All the details matter to God

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IMG_0336Reportback has been great so far. Although I am ready to go back to my family, I realize that this week is very important. I have had time to relax and have quiet times with God. I have also had time to plan out what I am going to do next in life. The staff have planned out sessions for us that have been very helpful to make us aware of what it will be like when we get home and how to deal with that.

IMG_0438This has also been a time to meet new people and reunite with our school. It was so fun the first few days, sleeping on the dock, having pool parties, and getting ready for graduation with a nail painting party. It´s been great to be able to the April school and share some wisdom that we received during our DTS, also to hear the amazing things God is doing in their lives.

  • Tonya Martin

Tonya Martin, Alberta Canada, 06/29/1997, 18 yrs

I don´t change, you do

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12400916_10208275572758154_8299365458880537254_nAs I was going to bed the other night God spoke this little sentence to me. These 5 words opened up my eyes. I was convinced that God would change his ways for me, that I can get my way and just pick and choose how I want my life to look. I caught myself thinking that I know what is best. I want to decide things for myself; I want to be independent yet I still say I want God in my life. I want God but I don’t always want to make the sacrifice that follows the choice. I want the fairytale story without any bumps I want a happy ending.

13055325_946825202097351_1251749021167974721_nGod is steadfast. He has given us promises that will never change, he is the same on our good days and our bad days, his love never changes for us, he is our cornerstone on whom we build. God never changes. 

This is a very comforting fact about God because it gives us the ability to trust in him, we can count on him. When he promises to give us hope and a future, he does. When he tells us he loves us, he does and nothing we do or don’t do changes that. He is unchangeable! He is the same today as he was decades ago. God does not change.

12687982_10208501656490106_188347837439094333_nTherefore we are the ones who must change. As we grow in our relationship with Christ we change, not because we get brainwashed or forced to. The reason we seek God is because we want to be like him. I know that God is way better than me yet I still find myself wanting to decide. As I seek God and my desire is to follow him, his desires become my desires mine does not become His. As we grow in our relationship to Him we will not be able to avoid change, change is the very reason we seek God.

As I recognize these things to be true I am filled with humility and my fear of change dwindles. The fact that I am changing is evidence that I have relationship with Christ and I am becoming more like him. How cool is that! Our God is so big, we will never understand him fully and we will never win a battle against him. So stop fighting and embrace the change, it might feel uncomfortable but it is a good thing.

  • Siemona Kongsgaard