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Six Things Missionaries Wished You Knew

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I have been in the mission field full time now for four years. I can honestly say it has been some of the best and hardest times in my life. Like most full time volunteer missionaries I rely solely on the support of family, friends, and believers. It can be a very rewarding yet challenging thing to allow God the freedom to move and cling to Him during financial hard times. Unless you are a missionary yourself who has had to raise support and/or you’ve walked alongside missionaries in the field there may be things that you are unaware of when it comes to support raising. Here are my top six things I believe missionaries wish people knew about us when support raising.

I am Here for You

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“Hello, my friend! How are you!” a young Sudanese man walked confidently up to our outreach leader, Chris, and offered him a handshake. A group of 7 of our team members had been left behind at the refugee camp, known as the Jungle, to do a prayer walk before our ride came to pick us up. We didn’t feel we should go into the camp, but instead, felt the Holy Spirit prompting us to stop at a street corner, just outside the camp’s entrance. I had noticed several refugee men coming and hanging out alongside the road outside the Jungle. Many of them would sit, head down, and I wondered what they were thinking. I felt God leading us to this spot to pray peace and God’s presence to anyone who came to sit on the cement block that was at the corner. (more…)

What is His Heart for Me When I Grieve?

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I figured coming to YWAM DP to do my secondary level school, FCM (Foundations of Counseling Ministry), that I knew how to live in community, and I knew how to go after God. But what I didn’t expect from this base was that they live and encourage each other to live in vulnerability. I have never lived completely in vulnerability. Especially in a community.


Relinquishing the Box

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I came to my DTS with questions concerning my identity. Why do I live? Why did God create humans? What is his desire for me? During my first week the lessons were, “Foundation in God”. Out of selfishness I thought, I have a good and deep foundation in God. God showed me the opposite. His character is wider, deeper and higher than I imagined. This was at the beginning of my journey with God. At the end of my first week God told me; “For relationship I created you. For relationship I created the world. Out of His overflowing love for us, He creates us. Without you and me His love would be incomplete.” This was overwhelming for me and at certain points, challenging to fully understand. I began realizing that I can not compromise in my walk with God. Am I all in? I have had to give up my old thoughts and concepts of God, by not putting him into a box, any longer.

Did I struggle? Is doing a DTS sunshine, and make for a happy, easy life?

20160425_233238619_iOSIn my first weeks I was definitely struggling to continue, but I made a decision in Germany to do a DTS. I learned to ask God daily for strength, to change my mind and to accept that I am in Belize for a purpose. Today I can look back and see that I am in the best place, and He desired me to be here.

During the fourth week of lectures our speaker preached about the “Father Heart of God”. I had an undersized opinion of love, acceptance and self worth. Therefore, I was super excited about the week and God’s plans for me.

Bricks were holding me back from God. Lies, unbelief, brokenness and selfishness were bricks that separated me from God’s passion and intimacy. Hurts and wounds cracked me from the inside. I was walking alone and was not willing to give up my control. God desired to be with me and to renew me. Each day God spoke through the speaker: “I have passion for you. You are worthy.” I asked for forgiveness and he received me with welcoming arms because His character is that of mercy and grace. His love is enough for me – even if I fail. Through Him I am secure, I am worthy and I get value that no one can take from me.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 00.02.00Our DTS team consists of 12 lovely students. People from different nations, backgrounds and habits. For many years I had lived together with friends and international roommates. But this community is different, this community cares, sees and lives with an extreme love for each other. God has showed me how to deal with conflicts and to seek after people. Seeing the students through His eyes, and with His value. It doesn’t matter how small the issue is, whether a different opinion or attitude exists, everything is noticeable in our community. God pushed me to make decisions – to step out of my comfort zone and to be vulnerable. Making a choice to live for God, for others and to keep out selfishness. I am learning that this is only possible through prayer and spending time with people. It takes time, effort and patience, but I am thankful to be part of this amazing team.

Gesa Woschetzky


All the details matter to God

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IMG_0336Reportback has been great so far. Although I am ready to go back to my family, I realize that this week is very important. I have had time to relax and have quiet times with God. I have also had time to plan out what I am going to do next in life. The staff have planned out sessions for us that have been very helpful to make us aware of what it will be like when we get home and how to deal with that.

IMG_0438This has also been a time to meet new people and reunite with our school. It was so fun the first few days, sleeping on the dock, having pool parties, and getting ready for graduation with a nail painting party. It´s been great to be able to the April school and share some wisdom that we received during our DTS, also to hear the amazing things God is doing in their lives.

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Tonya Martin, Alberta Canada, 06/29/1997, 18 yrs