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Becoming Family

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Our first week here in Ayacucho, Peru is now complete and ready to be stored in the “did I just get to experience that?!” compartment of my mind (There’s a lot compiling up in there but somehow it never seems to run out of room for more). While the first few days consisted of 9 heavy and consecutive legs of travel, God proved himself faithful, blessing us with a luxury overnight bus ride to restore us 9 weary travelers. We were greeted in the bus terminal by the most adorable Peruvian kids trying to sneak pictures of us from the second floor; apparently we are quite a spectacle here. They finally worked up the nerve to come talk to us and bought little key chains for the guys, most likely out of their very own pocket money. Just a few hours into our outreach and we were already humbled to be a part of God’s great plan for this country. Later in the week, miles away from that bus station, the same kids recognized us in a market and ran over to us with beaming smiles and we were able to share in their happiness through the little Spanish we know.


Adventure day

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Uten navn2One of the awesome things that we get to do at YWAM DP is go on an Adventure Day! We get to go on to the main land and explore our adventurous side as we zip line, meet some local creatures, and climb Mayan Ruins. Our adventure began at 5am as we struggled to get out of bed and get our casita mates up and going. First we went zip lining Uten navnand cheered each other on as we hung upside down and were goofy together. Then we got to go to the Belize Zoo and see monkeys, jaguars, and a tapir, the national animal of Belize. My personal favorites were the toucan and a spotted jaguar, which jumped towards the fence
because he thought the little kid on the other side was a snack. Then, we hiked to the top of the Mayan ruins and enjoyed ice cream together before we made our way home.

10358915_10207120091534640_3818377099748621749_oPersonally, I felt like this day was a test drive for outreach and I learned a lot. When people are tired, hungry, and crammed into a van they can sometimes not be themselves, but when you love each other you look past these moments and see them for who they really are. I feel blessed to live in a community where people are learning how to walk in grace and love together. I’ve grown so much over the last 8 weeks just from getting to know all these amazing people; I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our last three months.


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