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“Akemashiteomedetogozaimasu!” (Happy New Year from Japan)

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“Akemashiteomedetogozaimasu!” Please don’t ask me how to pronounce
that, all I know is that it means “Happy New Year!” in Japanese (and
hopefully that gives you a taste of what it’s been like trying to
learn the language here).Our team has officially been in Tokyo – more specifically a cute
suburb of the mega-city called “Higashikurume” – for six days now, and
loving it! We are so thankful to be here, and even more thankful to
not have to be on an airplane again for seven weeks.

The trip here was, unsurprisingly, full of adventure and shenanigans.
Before we barely made it off of Ambergris Caye in Belize, one of our
team members managed to drop his passport in a bathroom urinal.
Thankfully it survived with minimal damage. Once we made it out of
Belize, it was nothing but shenanigans and layovers for the next 48
hours. From Belize we flew to Miami, where we spent the night in the
airport and pulled an all-nighter to try to adjust to the 14 hour time
change we would soon be experiencing. Think twelve hours worth of
handball, movies, coloring, and multiple trips made to those
ever-so-entertaining airport moving sidewalks. From Miami we flew to
Dallas – after having to sit in onboard our flight for two hours
before taking off due to an air-conditioner malfunction, turning our
three-hour trip into a six-hour one. Dallas airport was also an
adventure. We had missed our connecting flight from Dallas to Tokyo
due to the delay, but arrived only to find out that all flights had
been delayed and our gate had been moved, so the eleven of us got the
exhilarating experience of sprinting through an airport to try to make
the next flight…only to find out it had been delayed when we reached
the gate. Things we learned through this experience: Tyson is
extremely speedy and Ugg boots do not provide good traction when
sprinting up escalators (just ask my shins).

Thankfully after Dallas and Miami, travel was relatively smooth
sailing. We made it to Tokyo after a 13-hour flight only to realize upon landing how much we DON’T understand Japanese. So, lugging our 40-pound backpacks, we began the adventure of navigating the Japanese train system. I would not recommend trying that jet-lagged, but our team leader Jaci was a champ and we made it through almost like we knew what we were doing, and finally arrived at our base around 1 amSunday night.

IMG_1150Now that we have been here for almost a week, I can safely say on
behalf of our entire team that we are in love with Japan. Not only has
the climate (COLD) been an amazing change from the humidity and
mosquitos of Belize, but the people here are truly wonderful. Never
have I experienced a more organized, hospitable, or accommodating
culture. We have been most impressed by how clean everything is; you
have to shower before you bathe so that you don’t get the bathtub
dirty, and don’t even get me started about the trash-disposing
process. Things here are also extremely silent. When walking around
even during mid-day you have to speak almost in a whisper. However it
is not an eery silence, but very peaceful. Higashikurume is also a
very beautiful place, an exotic mix of the modern and ancient world.
For example, there is a Shinto shrine about thirty steps from where we
are currently staying that looks like something out of The Last

During our time in Tokyo, our team has been split guys/girls and we
are staying in two separate houses. There is no central heating in the
homes which makes for some very frigid mornings, but nothing some
layers and blankets can’t handle. We’ve also all become the owners of
some lovely new winter hats since being here (I personally did not
pack a beanie originally when heading to Belize). However it has been
so nice to be somewhere a bit homey after living in little cabin-esque
housing the past three months and to not worry about whether there may
or may not be a scorpion in your shower.

Our orientation week here is now finished and we are about to begin
full-swing ministry! The housing we are currently in belongs to YWAM
Tokyo and they have given us many ministry connections. While we
aren’t quite sure what our exact ministry schedule will be like, we
are planning to spend time with university students and the homeless,
having coffee-shop ministry, leading worship sessions and prayer
walks, and basically anything else the Lord leads us to do. We will be
posting either a written or video blog each week to keep you all
updated on all our adventures and the Kingdom work happening here.
Thank you to everyone who has helped us get here – we have already
been so blessed by this country and cannot wait to pour Jesus out on
these people!

All our love,
Emily Coll

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