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Six Things Missionaries Wished You Knew

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I have been in the mission field full time now for four years. I can honestly say it has been some of the best and hardest times in my life. Like most full time volunteer missionaries I rely solely on the support of family, friends, and believers. It can be a very rewarding yet challenging thing to allow God the freedom to move and cling to Him during financial hard times. Unless you are a missionary yourself who has had to raise support and/or you’ve walked alongside missionaries in the field there may be things that you are unaware of when it comes to support raising. Here are my top six things I believe missionaries wish people knew about us when support raising.

Life In HD

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A couple weeks ago I had the very awesome opportunity to teaching foundations week for this January school. I had never taught before and it was something I felt prepared for and unprepared for all in one. I have never really had a problem with public speaking before but four hours a day, five days in a row is a lot of time to fill. I have gained a whole new respect for speakers who come to teach every quarter. But that’s not really what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about life.

Faith. Life. Adventure.

It’s one of the many mottos we choose to live out here at YWAM DP. Since I’ve been on staff I’ve had many opportunities to reflect on these three things. But teaching on foundations brought me into a brand new place of learning what “Life.” really means. Throughout the week I taught on things like truth, the bible, God (who is He / what is He like), the value of man, sin and salvation. It was a full week to say the least. But through this week I saw the students listen to what I had to say and listen to what I felt like the Father was telling me. They responded, they prayed, they encouraged.

Each school carries a different attitude toward the DTS process. Some carry an attitude of determination, some an attitude questioning, some an attitude family. Of course, every school carries little bits of all of these. But this school…they carry encouragement. They were constantly encouraging each other, their staff, and even me while I taught. It truly was a blessing to teach them.

They encourage life. They encourage boldness and honesty. They encourage fun when needed and seriousness when needed. They constantly encourage each other to do what they need to do to get freedom, to get more of God.

My bible defines life as this: the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body; period from birth to death; a way or manner of living; spiritual existence transcending death; salvation.

A way or manner of living. I think this school has decided the way they want their lives to be. Full. Alive. Awakened. These guys have decided they are tired of going through the motions, living in black and white. They have woken up. They are choosing color. They are choosing a life lived in HD! Being around 27 students who are living in HD is ridiculously inspiring. They fight for it every single day, but they are determined to make HD a life long attitude. Through them God has (re)taught me to continue to seek after what update He has in store for me next.

I’ve lived in Belize for quite sometime now and have gotten accustomed to the white sand and the blue ocean. I’m used to the palm trees and the parakeets. I walk around without shoes on and wear shorts almost everyday. Now, I realized that for most people…I live in paradise. Because, well I do! But to me, right now, it’s just home. This is just how life is. We get a lot of sun and sometimes it’s blinding. I walk out my door mid morning and the sun reflects off my white porch and the white sand and the bright white clouds, and just for second I can’t see anything. If I’m not in a rush to get somewhere I will give my poor eyes a second to adjust to the blazing sun until I can confidently walk down the steps to wherever I’m heading. I walk into my everyday, my (ir)regular life. Every so often after my eyes adjust to the sun, God stops me. He asks me to wait and look at this place He lets me call home. In those rare seconds I’m reminded that God has given me a life that I can live fully alive.

During my DTS was when I started living fully alive, after being on staff, leading outreaches, small groups, working around the base, being a student in the FCM (Foundations for Counselling Ministry) I have continued my adventure in living fully alive, I have chosen to live in HD. One day when I leave this place, I will continue to walk in that choice, because now that I’ve felt what its like to be fully alive, I couldn’t go back to standard living!




As Personality, Crafts Character.

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This week in the FCM we have been spending time learning about relationships, we spent a lot of time doing personality research as we learn how to have self-relationship and how to love who we are. I am fascinated by the idea that God created each and everyone of us uniquely and in a very specifically individual way, yet we still seem to fall into certain similar categories in order to help us live out our lives in relationship with each other.


Exiting the Sidelines

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“Forgive me for picking up what I’ve already laid down at your feet.”

77b19c95-0920-48d1-b4c3-75ef9fc753e2“I surrender”. Why does saying that seem so hard? Why does it seem like such a struggle to agree to let go of something, and totally hand it over to God? I mean, you would think that we would be able to trust the one who gave us this life in the first place; the one who had a plan for us from the beginning, the one who knows us better than we even know ourselves. You would think that we would be able to trust that He has His best intentions with everything He guides us to. After all, our dreams and desires came from Him anyway. When we look at it like this, and understand the truths we already know, we should be able to stand before Him open handed and feel at peace with where He is leading us, with the trials we are currently facing and the trials we know we are yet to face.

You might be reading this thinking about surrendering something yourself, you might be battling with something right now that you just can’t seem to let go of, or maybe you’re reading this and can’t relate to a word I am saying; maybe to you, surrendering is something you have already battled with and are now content with doing.

As for me, I personally have been challenged beyond what I had imagined since being here on staff and one of the biggest things that has challenged me is with surrendering; surrendering my selfish desires to God, my dreams, my plans, and my personal “needs” to Him; surrendering what I would like to happen, to what actually is. Surrendering to the now.

_A0A8164In battling with this I have learnt that in order to surrender, I need to agree to stop fighting, hiding and resisting, because I know that I will not win or succeed in doing so. In fact, I am only making the challenge even harder on myself by not just taking a deep breath, letting go and letting God. I’m learning that, as we are told in 2 Chronicles 20:15, “the battle is not ours, but God’s”. So then why do I/ we allow ourselves to believe it is? Why do we try to fight so hard?

I recently had a great conversation about God putting us through trials recently and that every challenge we face is actually just another step, to something greater, to growing higher and stronger in whatever life throws at us. I find that we stand on that step, in that trial and often think that this is the worst thing that could be happening, we look at the worst of every situation, every struggle, every burden. I find that very rarely, someone will go through pain and say, “Thank you God for this challenge. Thank you for this fight.” But in the long run, if we go through trials with faith that we can get through it, we will be strong to fight the next, and the next, and be able to run up the staircase of challenges. We just need to believe that it is not in our control.

Similarly, surrendering something to God is a challenge, it isn’t easy. And in this, I’m learning to not just linger around on the same step, ignoring the fact I need to surrender, but to hold on to the hope that God has promised me, the hope that he has a plan and a purpose for me and that he knows my heart’s desires and dreams.

And so I want to finish with this question, a quote from a book I have recently read, “it’s a war. Are you going to sit on the sidelines or get up and fight in this?”. Are you going to wait for the “right time” to surrender, for the “sign” to be given, or are you going to rise up, raise your arms, and lay it down? Because why stress about something that isn’t in your hands?

-Mandy Griffin


All the details matter to God

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IMG_0336Reportback has been great so far. Although I am ready to go back to my family, I realize that this week is very important. I have had time to relax and have quiet times with God. I have also had time to plan out what I am going to do next in life. The staff have planned out sessions for us that have been very helpful to make us aware of what it will be like when we get home and how to deal with that.

IMG_0438This has also been a time to meet new people and reunite with our school. It was so fun the first few days, sleeping on the dock, having pool parties, and getting ready for graduation with a nail painting party. It´s been great to be able to the April school and share some wisdom that we received during our DTS, also to hear the amazing things God is doing in their lives.

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Tonya Martin, Alberta Canada, 06/29/1997, 18 yrs