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Tour Update: Officially Finished!

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12029109_10207907002658166_1504703233_nThe tour is officially over! Even though we had a lot of time to relax and have fun staying with Donavon’s family, our last week in Vancouver was not lacking ministry. Our first weekend back we hosted an evening designed to provide information about DP to anyone who wanted to know more. We were able to have great fellowship with all different people; some already considering a DTS and others who are not yet Christians.

The next night we hosted a YWAM DP reunion and of course we had a blast catching up and sharing our favourite DTS stories. After the weekend we got to follow up with some of the friendships we had developed and share laughs and good conversation over sushi and pumpkin pie. We even got to watch Donavon play hockey and cheer him on as he scored a goal right on the buzzer!

12025279_10207907007618290_2100436212_nAmidst bonfires, hockey games, and BBQ’s we were able to show people our age what life with Jesus looks like and God opened doors for us to share our stories. We’ve been so encouraged this week reflecting on the success of the past two months – the bond that we’ve formed as a team, the friendships we’ve built along the coast, and most importantly the ways we’ve seen God move. This morning we were able to Skype with a friend we made in San Francisco and as she prayed for us she asked God to help us make this tour more than just an experience.


As we go our separate ways and step into a new chapter of our lives we’re remembering that everything God does in our life is a foundation for the next thing he has in store, and even though the tour is over we will always carry the lessons, relationships, and experiences it gave us.

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Tour Update: Reno, Chico, Joshua Fest

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11998433_10207799648854388_1616913749_nI never would’ve thought I’d be wearing two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, a hoodie, a vest, and a beanie (or toque if you’re Canadian) in California! We’ve certainly discovered over the past week that not all of California is made up of sunny coast!

12000079_10207799649534405_1499367107_nDespite the freezing temperatures of the night we had an amazing last week in California. We actually started the week in Reno, Nevada where we were able to share our stories with a young adult group. An unexpected stop on our tour turned out to be an incredible blessing from God as we connected really well with some of the people there. We were able to pray with a girl who has been thinking about doing a DTS for years now. A few days later, she came to visit us at Joshua Fest and told us the awesome news that after talking and praying with us she knew she was going to do a DTS in Belize!! We’re so stoked and know that God brought us to Rachel to speak into her life.

12000041_10207799649854413_1532398361_nThe rest of our four day stay at Joshua Fest was filled with great music, prayer, and fellowship with other YWAMers. We were able to be a part of a prayer tent that was being run by The YWAM base in Chico, CA. They truly blessed us. At the prayer tent we were able to fellowship with them as well as prayer for people at the festival. I even got a shoutout from a band I got to pray for!

11999904_10207799647374351_1279634647_nNow we have officially left the Golden state and after a quick pit stop in Oregon we are back in the great area of Seattle! We are wanting to finish strong and press even more into God so that we can stay united as a team. We are praying that we’ll meet as many people as we can in these next couple weeks so come hangout with us if you’re in the Seattle area!

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Tour Update: Yosemite!

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11948118_10207759620493704_984593374_nThis past week God has given us some time to rest and recharge as we prepare for a busy last couple of weeks on the road! We spent a few days in Yosemite soaking up God’s glorious creation and enjoying the company of old (and new) friends.



11950836_10207759669054918_88176156_nWe reconnected with the most beautiful Shea, who is currently staffing at YWAM Yosemite. The Yosemite base is new and is preparing for their second ever DTS starting this week! We enjoyed helping them prepare for the new students. Donavon and Martin helped out with a woodworking project and Megan and I assisted with the more artsy projects.

We departed from Yosemite and made a last minute pit stop in Reno, Nevada where we were warmly welcomed by previous staff members Trevor and Whitney! We are enjoying their company now, and looking forward to meeting and speaking to the youth from their church tonight!

11944958_10207759620653708_1085166010_nSince we’ve been on the road for more than five weeks now, we’re starting to wear out more easily. As a team God’s really been teaching us about intentionality at what it looks like to keep our team centered around Him. If we continue to keep our focus on Jesus we know we can finish strong!

We’re off to spend our last few days in California volunteering at Joshua Fest. It’s sad to say goodbye to California but we know God has more amazing stuff in store for us up north!

Amanda Harris – Staff


California and Heading North

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imageAs we sat around our campfire on the beach, roasting veggies, cooking hotdogs, and sharing many laughs I was given a new perspective on community. Nine strangers, all of us different ages, nationalities, and backgrounds, bonded over the love of Christ and formed a small family on a quaint beach in Santa Cruz, California this past Saturday. We shared our hearts, our stories, and our dreams. We attempted to surf and laughed a lot when we failed. It was the perfect ending to our time in San Francisco.

Last week God brought so many people into our path and really made our presence known in the San Francisco area!

While Megan and I were helping out with a ministry that rescues girls from sex trafficking, we really connected with a fellow volunteer named Lorraine who was just baptized and as we shared our story with her she became more and more ecstatic over the idea of doing a DTS. Through a local church known as PCC we were able to attend a young adults group where we met so many cool people our age. They welcomed us with more enthusiasm than we ever could’ve imagined and were anxious to learn more about our experiences with YWAM DP. We spent the next day at the beach with some people from the PCC crew and Megan and I shared a meaningful time over lunch with some of the girls the next day before we headed out.

A few days before we headed to LA we were also able to volunteer with Francis Chan’s ministry, Project Bayview. We delivered food to people living in a less fortunate area of San Francisco and were able to share about YWAM DP with a lot of the people plugged into ministry there.

After a breathe taking trip down the Pacific Coast Highway we arrived in LA and have had a great time visiting with Tj, a graduate of the April school who just returned from Vanuatu. We have loved hearing about his outreach and supporting him in his transition back to life in the states.

image (2)As a team we were refreshed by our time in San Francisco and poured into by many awesome individuals. God has blessed us in more ways than we ever could’ve imagined and now we are trusting him to provide just as faithfully for our last month. After a fall through in plans we were able to get a campsite at Yosemite last minute and are headed there Sunday. We would be so grateful if you would join us in praying that God brings people into our path while we’re camping that we can connect with and minister to! As a team have been reminded this week that we can never forget to bring it back to the basics – to worship, pray, and study the Bible together daily so that we are all being the best vessels of Jesus’ love and representations of YWAM DP as we possibly can be! We are more than excited to see how God will move as we turn around and start our ascent backup north!

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Tour Update: Ministry in San Francisco!

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11909714_10207662085535391_399093281_nAccording to the people here, the San Francisco area is a place brimming with wealth, but void of spirituality. However, in the past week our team has seen God moving in amazing ways here and we are so grateful to be a part of it!


We’ve been working a lot with a ministry called Streetlife that serves to reach the homeless and less fortunate. The people who come for a hot meal are also given worship, a message, prayer, and just a community of people who care about them and their stories. Demon possession and mental illness is prevalent, but it makes the work their all the more glorifying to God who is victorious over all those things. We have been able to pray over many people there and show them what relationship with God looks like.

11880280_10207662039854249_1621906152_nWe also got the chance to volunteer with a campus ministry known as Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. God stretched us as a team to step out of our comfort zone and in doing so we were able to have great conversations, relate to college students like ourselves, and encourage them to do a DTS! When we’re not helping out with these ministries we’ve been spending time hanging out and encouraging people we’ve met in this area.

From new Christians to YWAM alumni – God is showing us that he wants to speak through us to everyone we meet. We have a packed weekend ahead of us as we wrap up our time in San Francisco. Please keep us in your prayers as we move in to LA and seek a place to stay as well as ministry opportunities!

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