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Chocolate Dipped

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Everything tastes better dipped in chocolate. Even if you are not a chocolate fan (which is crazy!) I think you still have to agree that everything dipped in chocolate looks more appealing… Delicious!

If you are reading this blog looking for some good dessert recipes, I’m going to start by telling you that you might be a little disappointed. Although I am a big fan of baking and making delicious things, this blog is much less about yummy food and delicious desserts, and much more about what God has been teaching me through “dipping things in chocolate.”

I recently returned to my home in Belize from a two-month long outreach in Zambia, Africa. While there, I learned many things and God showed up in many ways to me. But actually the number one thing I took from outreach I would say is, the power of prayer.

prayer 1

PC: Ian Christmann

Philippians 4:6-7 says:

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

This is almost a perfect description of how our outreach went, and it was all thanks to prayer. Before leaving for Zambia, the other leader (Ally) and I took lots of time to pray about literally everything we could pray about. At first I didn’t fully recognize why we were praying for some of the things; I mean obviously I knew prayer was good, but I don’t think I fully recognized the power of our prayers. But Ally would always say, “Joshy, let’s just sit down and ‘chocolate dip’ this whole situation and outreach in prayer.” Every time, immediately after praying I would feel so much peace about whatever we had just prayed for and knew somehow it was all going to work out great.

Turns out that all of our prayers made a huge difference during our time in Zambia as God blessed us everywhere we went and everything went so smoothly. We walked in God’s peace everywhere we went, and the few “problems” we ran into, we prayed over and they all worked out great! Now for those of you who have led outreaches or missions trips before, leading a team of 12+ people is not always easy, and by the end the thing you want most is just some space to chill out, relax, and not have to deal with anything. But that is not how this trip went. By the end both of us still had so much peace and actually felt ready for anything. I don’t really know how to describe it, but basically what God taught me through Ally and this outreach is that “dipping” everything in prayer makes a HUGE difference.

DSC03131So I am learning this day by day and it isn’t one of those things that just happens, it takes practice. But I am learning to approach every situation with prayer, whether it is starting my quiet times, dealing with finances, seeking wisdom in relationships, or even just praying safety over a car ride or thanking God for the little things. I am finding it makes a big difference in my life.

I love this quote by Mahatma Gandhi that says,

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”

I find this quote to be so true. So often I have no idea how to approach a certain circumstance and I feel like I want to just ask God for answers, but I am constantly reminded that God wants to be a part of the process. I have to take a second to humble myself and recognize that I can’t do it on my own, and that even when I don’t have the word’s to pray, as long as my heart is in it, God will figure out the rest.

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” -Max Lucado


IMG_7891Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout life. It’s kind of like going from having training wheels to riding a bike with just two wheels. I am no expert and am just beginning to learn to balance and steer with the “big boy” tires on, but everyday I bring God into the little things I notice a difference, because walking in God’s peace is about the most amazing thing anyone could do.

I encourage you, if you often find yourself stressed out or worried and looking for answers, to bring God into the process. Practice bringing the wisest guy around into every situation, trust Him, hand over your worries and fears to Him, and let Him deal with them!

Josh Mason


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Transcending Cultural Barriers

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DTS is almost finished; only 4 days until I am back home in Canada.

First off, thank you to everyone who supported our outreach team and myself over the past few months with prayer. There were multiple situations during DTS when major complications were reached and then avoided by the grace of God alone. These past 5 months have not simply been and isolated experience for me, but are a piece of my life which I hope to build off of. DTS has been life changing, as I have found freedom, confidence, truth, knowledge, and a passion to grow in relationship with God.

Truth has been one of the central themes in my life during DTS. Freedom comes from knowing and believing truth. I have overcome lies I believed about myself, the world, and God; lies like I don’t have a voice, I cannot speak in front of people, and that God does not speak to me. There is also great importance in memorizing truth in the bible, for by what other way can you believe than the promises of God? By having a strong knowledge of truth in the bible, memorizing, studying, and meditating on it, the lies and evil in the world cannot take hold and hinder you. By living in truth and constantly being filled with it, I have watched it transform the lives of people in DTS and the surrounding community outside of YWAM. Next to our base is a dive shop, and YWAM has been friends with two of the men working there for a few years. As time went by both gave their lives to Christ, and during our school one of the men was baptized.

IMG_0412 (800x600)Outreach was full of new concepts and changed my perspective on God and how He moves. Going to Zambia, sleeping bags and headphones were lost only to be returned by strangers, flights were almost missed, and half our team had not received their visas to get into Zambia. Our outreach leader and I were included in the half without visas, but we went forward praying to be let into the country.At the immigration desk in the Zambian airport, people with the same problem were denied entry and put on return flights. We were let through. Again we had visa issues when having to renew them after one month. Due to fluctuating policies, our team should have been ordered to leave. Instead we were given a conditional extension. There have been man
y other times where our team could have run into significant problems with ATM’s, attempted theft, and vehicle issues. In many situations not only was the problem averted, but also used for the benefit of our team. From this I have learned to live with open hands, giving every situation to God whether positive or negative, and allowing Him to work through everything.

20160420_095215 (800x450)God transcends cultural barriers and works in amazing ways which are unique to each culture. It was amazing to see how different, yet beautiful church is in Zambia. Worship is often without instruments, and even young children know a multitude of songs, which astounded me. Our team was welcomed with open arms, and the people were just as eager to learn from us as we were from them. During an outdoor ministry event, our team was given the opportunity to speak and perform a story from the bible. After the event finished we were swarmed by children, who often wanted hugs or prayer.
It was incredible to be able to love and pray for so many kids despite the language barrier at times. Being in Zambia also opened my eyes to the true material wealth of North America. The families in Zambia were stewards with the money they had, however much it may be. Most people in Zambia eat the same food three meals a day, while our team had a rotation of dinners. By our standard, our food was simple. By their standard it was extravagant. I can now comprehend
the richness I have been born into. Yes, relationship with God is far more valuable than money, but the belief that people with less money are closer to God is not always true. Prosperity gospel was often preached in Zambia, and rather being gripped by apathy like North American culture, they struggled with animism (worshiping creation over the creator). Every culture has its own problems, and the only lasting and transforming solution is relationship with the Creator.20160429_135645 (800x450)

I will forever hold this time spent with YWAM as precious. It has been amazing to live and learn with my DTS family whom I love dearly. My plans for the future are still uncertain. So far I have been accepted to work at Camp Caroline as a ropes leader. I have faith in God’s plan for my life, and I will continue to pray and trust in it. There are far more stories I could tell, both funny and serious. This however, is the end.

-Sydney Gabbey

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His love is fierce, His love is powerful, His love is never ending!

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Monday morning we received exciting news of our departure on Friday morning to Livingstone. My heart was overjoyed knowing that we’d have the privilege to see Victoria Falls (which happens to be one of the “7 Wonders of the World”), and as if it couldn’t get any better, we were going to see the Lunar Rainbow which happens once a year! As we worked through the next few days finishing up the final touches of slashing the 13096104_10207975822707194_5926977913062081668_nweeds and clearing the Orphanage yard, fixing the drive shaft on the truck so that we could have transportation, fixing and organising the library, removing the rust and painting the trellises for the new school, we managed to have enough time to pack for the 4 hour ride to Livingstone for the night. We awoke Friday morning to hot coffee and oatmeal and piled 7 people into the newly fixed truck, and the rest of the 11 hooligans (including sweet Jacob and Jeremiah) in the Land Rover. We ask God to cover us with safety and for the truck to stay intact, but two hours in..smoke appeared from the truck we were in and we had to pull over. We were in the middle of no where! So the other group headed down to Livingstone while we waited for Jako to drive back again and pick us up. Truth be told, we had the best time! We had the shade, the sound of, well, nothing but the birds chirping and the trees blowing in the breeze. We had a wonderful picnic along with a nap and some fun games. It was a blessing in disguise! So when Jako arrived, we had nothing but too much fun to complain about.

13133164_10206119765382336_4333200733337606577_nWe arrived at the place we were staying and the other group was already setting up our tents in this massive yard. We were blessed to stay at Jako and Amber’s friends house who also happened to be missionaries, amazingly they held a missionary school in their home. This place was beautiful, God is so generous with his blessings! We headed for the Victoria falls and experienced a night I can’t even put into words. I think the best way I can put it is that when you see creation this vast, this glorious. It’s like treasure the first time you see it. You want to keep that feeling you get the moment you see it, somewhere safe where you can experience it again and again. Something I realised was that though this beautiful masterpiece was new to me, huge to me, GLORIOUS TO ME. God made it so I could see it. Just like He made the stars. Yet how often do we take these blessings for granted! Seeing the power in the falls and how it seemed to be never ending, I thought about God’s endless love for us and how it’s constantly pouring down on us. His love never runs dry. He simply wants us to soak in His unending love!

As we said goodbye to an experience we’ll never forget, I’ll never forget the moment I stood near the bottom of the falls where we were being rained on by the powerful spray from the falls. His love is fierce, His love is powerful, His love is never ending.

12998314_10206035001183284_7275910661298264046_oThe next morning we were surprised to hear that the truck would need some extra TLC this weekend in order for it to be reliable to use to get back home. So we were blessed, in such a crazy way AGAIN, with a beautiful weekend with fellowship, worship, walks with God, and even a birthday celebration! Talk about one of the best weekends ever! God continues to amaze each and every one of us. He has wrecked me for the ordinary and I continue to thank Him for allowing us to be a part of his family in this crazy thing called life. Amen.


Nanneke Boxall


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Zambia outreach update!

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We had a really busy day with going to a local school in the morning and then hosting an open air event in the afternoon. Being at the school was great, we split into groups of 3 and took a class; played games with the students and told them our testimonies. It was really wonderful, having


the opportunity to share Jesus with the children and let them know how much He loves each and everyone of them. Understandably we were feeling tired so prayed a lot going into the afternoon. There were at least 100 kids when we arrived and we were swarmed by them. We danced and jumped around with them then later some people shared what God had placed on their hearts and we performed some skits too.

DCIM100GOPROWe spent a day travelling from Lusaka to Kalomo, it was meant to take 4 hours but we’re running on African time now. We said goodbye to Nephtali and hello to our new hosts Jako and Amber and their 2 kids Jakob and Jeremiah. We had a 2 hour drive into the bush so piled into 2 cars and made it all safely. It’s such a blessing being here, working with Missions of Love, the charity that Jako and Amber set up. We have flushing toilets, hot water, showers, beds and comfy mattresses. Jako gave us an introduction to the difference in the culture here, it’s based on fear, so our approach with evangelism is different. We had our first experience of church in the bush; it was a beautifully simplistic little building with low walls and then open with a straw roof. We had the chance to introduce ourselves and hear a sermon translated from Tonga, which was a blessing in itself. It’s been great fun moving onto our next adventure and we’re really excited to serve here and see what God has in store for us.


We’re up at 6am every morning, breakfast is at 7am and we start work at 8am. We’ve been shown round their home here, the children’s home, the pre school and the grade school the community are still in the process of building. We may have the opportunity to help with putting on the roof, which would be really exciting! We have jobs to do here such as deep cleaning the mattresses in the children’s home, organising the library, fixing solar powered geysers, taking out concrete floors, leading bible studies for the mothers at the children’s home, looking after the kids, connecting with the older girls and washing our clothes by hand. Our biggest task so far has been clearing out the children’s home of bunk beds and draws so that we could spray it and clean it to get rid of all the bed bugs and cockroaches.


As a team we’ve got to experience worship in a new way this week. God put on the hearts of our leaders, Ally and Josh, to use the money put aside for ministry’s to put towards the roof for the grade school. When they shared this with the team it turned out it had been on others’ hearts too! So we had the opportunity to give more towards it too and in the end we managed to buy more than half of the material needed for the entire roof! Hopefully we’ll get to help put it up too.


One of my highlights from this week has been building relationships with the kids, God has really placed a little girl named Ruth on my heart. I have little brothers so I instinctively look for the boys who are full of energy and loud because that’s what I’m familiar with. She’s very quiet and will just stroke my arms and hold my hands when I sit with her. The other day I went outside with her and spun her around. I saw true joy as she began to laugh and as she smiled her eyes lit up. It was such a beautiful moment for me and I’m so thankful that God let me share in that joy with Ruth. I pray for her to see the love that God has for her through me and I thank Him love for the times when I look for her and see her smiling at me. He is such a good Father.


  • Nanneka Boxall

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Team Zambia Update

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Friday 24th of March, team Zambia left the YWAM DP Belize base in anticipation of the new adventure God has lined up for them. We boated, bussed and flew till we arrived in Houston, Texas. Having 2 Texans on our team this was a huge deal. Missy and her family blessed us with a night at her house during our 20 hour layover, we had mattresses, warm showers, Romanian pastry, and real milk!

The team went in two waves to LAX where we met again as we waited for our 22 hour flight with Ethiopian airlines to Ethiopia and then onto our final destination; Lusaka, Zambia. We had such a blessed journey as all our bags came through safely, all our visas were accepted, and other misplaced items were found. Thank you Jesus!


Our welcome into Lusaka was incredible, our contact Nephtali and all the youth from the church we were connected with met us and greeted us. We rode the bus, African tunes blasting, bags packed into the back and people sat on top of each other. At a stop on the way to our host home we introduced the youth to some of our tunes, we danced and sang and in no time had attracted a decent crowd and there were even a few Asians recording us.

Our hosts, pastor Siame, his wife Aunt Reni and their 2 daughters Faith and Zanji, have been incredibly hospitable and so generous with their time and resources. It’s been another huge blessing and just awesome conformation that God wants us here as He’s providing for our needs. We have a fairly busy schedule here, after our rest day; we prepared a bible study for a home cell group where we split into 4 teams. Each team decided on a topic, then put together some notes and verses and prayed, inviting the Holy Spirit to talk through them.


We went to the Breath of Heaven orphanage. It’s was incredible! A couple from Ohio had set it up in 2012 and they have created such a wonderful community and its was beautiful to see how much they love the children there. We got to sing some songs and do a skit for them and spent the rest of the day playing with the kids and just loving them.

We spent the morning with the youth and some other members of the Marvels of Grace church talking to people about Jesus. It was a different approach to evangelism than many of us were used to. We went into houses and were asked to simply speak to people about Jesus. It was awesome getting to pray with people and such a blessing to spend time with God’s children.


We took up a portion of the church service on Sunday so we prepared a dance/drama, Alex and Katie spoke and Josh spoke on joy. We started with a song that the youth had taught us about Jesus being number 1 and finished with one of our songs. But as typical of the culture here they wanted to hear more so we did an additional song and when they asked for another, Ally saved us by praying over our community.

We visited a clinic with the intentions of doing some cleaning and maybe talking to some of the patients. We ended up only having an hour there, the boys stayed outside tidying and cutting the grass with machetes. The girls split into 2 groups, one cleaning and one evangelising. We had the opportunity to speak with and pray over mothers and their children, men and women. It was a huge blessing, some of us felt deep compassion for the patients and others saw the hope that this clinic provided. It was definitely challenging and draining and only possible in God’s strength.


We had an awesome day where we slit into pairs and went to a Zambian home to experience their daily lives. We got to go to the market, make powder from grinding and sifting peanuts, cook caterpillars, cut okra, make the traditional nshima and eat ALL of it! Others learnt how to hand wash clothes, carry water containers on their heads and carry babies on their backs. It was such a fun day and. So full of joy and new experiences. It was something new and we felt honoured to have been invited into the homes and welcomed so warmly by all the families.

Something vital we’re learning here is dying to self and keeping our hands open; the way of life is very different. We may arrange to leave at 8am for an event but the truck doesn’t pick us up till 10am, or we’ll plan to go back to the house between events and end up hanging around and not get then break we’d hoped for.


Nanneke Boxall, Jersey Channel Islands, 09/09/1996, 19 yrs

Nanneka Boxall


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