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Y W A M D P | Discipleship Training Schools


Discipleship Training Schools

Discipleship Training School is much more than a school – its a five-month, faith-building, soul-searching, adventure of following Jesus. The school is conducted in two phases (lecture and outreach) with an optional third phase (internship).

Apply to DTS

Lecture Phase

The first three months of your DTS experience takes place at YWAM Destination Paradise’s oceanfront campus in Belize. Each week you’ll pursue God by exploring a different topic, each taught by a dynamic speaker. In addition to great teachings, your days will include small groups, one-one discipleship, prayer and intercession, worship, team building and adventure opportunities that make YWAM DP one of the most exciting DTS programs in the world.

Outreach Phase

After lecture phase, you’ll embark on a two-month cross-cultural outreach, activating your learning and faith like never before. It’s tough. It’s intense. It’s awesome. You’ll probably face primitive living conditions, long days, hard work and other challenges. You’ll live, work, worship, pray and minister as a team. Sharing God’s love in word and deed can take many different shapes – from painting a police station or holding orphaned babies to facilitating a hospital-based vaccination program or teaching a bible study in a local church. Outreach locations are prayerfully determined during the lecture phase and could be anywhere in the world. Outreach is led by YWAM DP staff members.

After DTS

You’re pumped, you’re prepped…and you’re ready for what’s next. After DTS, many students come back to YWAM DP for exciting internships, second level schools or to join us as staff. Others come alongside Christian ministries or mission organizations throughout the world.

*Students who complete a DTS and internship can receive up to 32 university credits, which can be applied to a degree at the University of the Nations or transferred to major colleges and universities all over the world.

DTS Tuition Fees

Lecture Phase


Fee includes all room and board, lectures, required books and materials, planned activities and some recreational activities such as sailing and kayaking.  Lecture Phase fee does not include travel to and from the YWAM DP campus.

Outreach Phase

$3,350 – $5,950

Fee includes travel from YWAM DP to outreach location and return to YWAM DP, room and board, and ministry-related expenses.  Outreach locations (and associated fees) are determined (based on location) and announced early in the DTS lecture phase. Each school will offer at least two outreach location options and could be anywhere in the world.

*Your YWAM DP school fee includes sailing on our hobie cats, kayaking and snorkeling. And for a super low price you can get your PADI dive certification (Open Water through Divemaster and many specialties) and participate in dive trips. School fees do not include personal items, vaccinations, toiletries or health insurance. All fees are in US dollars.

Please note that neither student fees nor contributions toward student fees are tax deductible in the USA or Canada.

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit:
  • Lecture payment 1:
  • Lecture payment 2:
  • Outreach payment 1:
  • Outreach payment 2:
  • $500 due within ten days of acceptance
  • $1725 due 30 days prior to the start of lecture phase
  • $1725 due seven days prior to the start of lecture phase
  • 50% of total outreach fees due by end of week 3 lecture phase
  • All remaining outreach fees due by end of week 6 lecture phase