Second Level Schools

Ready to learn more? to take your faith and education to the next level? Our second level schools – Bible School for the Nations and Foundations in Counseling – build knowledge and life skills, and prepare leaders for careers in counseling, preaching, teaching and more. And if you’re pursuing a degree in one of these fields, all of our schools are fully accredited by the University of Nations and by tens of thousands of major colleges and universities around the world.

Bible Core Course
Get ready to challenge your worldview as you see truth anew through the word of God. Bible Core Course (BCC) takes you on a 12-week journey through the Bible and then propels the learning off the pages, as you embark on a cross-cultural outreach to equip and teach others to know God and make him known.

Note: The next BCC school begins April 3rd, 2018.
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Foundations in Counseling Ministries

You have a heart to help people overcome personal obstacles and achieve personal growth. YWAM DP’s Foundations in Counseling Ministries (FCM) gives you tools for Bible-based counseling and mentoring. The twelve-week course explores belief systems and how they affect emotions and actions, empowering you to help others experience restoration, healing and personal freedoms.

Note: The next FCM school begins July 3rd, 2018.
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Word by Heart

Word By Heart has one driving ambition — Jesus. This course will enable you to see Jesus in a unique and personal way. It will also enable you to speak of Him through your own language, humor and personality using the exact words of the Gospels.

This course is not about acting. It is not about learning skits or drama. It is not about textual study of the Bible. This course is about knowing Jesus personally and sharing him in a unique way through the prism of your personality, humor and language.

Note: Upcoming WORD BY HEART schools have not yet been scheduled, but applications are always open.
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