Bible Core Course

Bible Core Course

Get ready to challenge your worldview as you see truth anew through the word of God. Bible Core Course (BCC) takes you on a three month journey through the entire Bible and then propels the learning off the pages, as you embark on a cross-cultural outreach to equip and teach others to know God and make him known.

The Bible Core Course (BCC) is a three month intensive course focused on the Inductive Bible Study Method. Take this opportunity to learn more about God and His Word, and develop Bible teaching skills through this course. Learn insightful ways to study Scripture; look at history, people, and language in new ways and to gain a platform on which to build a lifetime of study and learning. Understanding the Bible will lead you deeper into understanding life and the world around you, as the scriptures open up and take on new and richer meaning. We will equip you to teach the study methods and principles you’ve learned, as well as give you the practical opportunities to put them in action!!

The BCC primarily uses inductive Bible study methods in its approach to biblical study. Literary genres and historical context surrounding all books studied are examined and used to gain the best possible insight.  

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Lecture Phase

Held at the YWAM DP campus in Belize, the 12 weeks of BCC consist of an intense and eye-opening  study of the Bible from cover to cover, with special emphasis on tools to help you interpret, understand and ultimately share God’s truth in love.

All training staff are committed to helping you learn to study the Bible for yourself. Our aim as staff is to be available to assist you in finding your own answers as you study and learn.

Teachers are sought from around the world, providing excellent classroom content from their proven experience in the field to help you apply the methods of inductive study to each book included in the course.

Outreach Phase

Following the lecture phase, BCC’s 8-week outreach will put your knowledge into practice. During this amazing time serving in a developing nation, you will work hard to solidify what you learned while sharing it with others.

Himalayan Kingdoms

BCC Tuition Fees

Lecture Phase


Fee includes all room and board, lectures, required books and materials, planned activities and recreation, and ministry-related travel and expenses. Lecture Phase fee does not include travel to and from the YWAM DP campus.

Outreach Phase

$3,350 – $5,950

Fee includes travel to and from Belize to outreach location, room and board, and ministry-related expenses. Outreach locations (and associated fees) are determined and announced during the lecture phase.

*School fees do not include personal items, vaccinations, toiletries or health insurance. All fees are in US dollars. Please note that neither student fees nor contributions toward student fees are tax deductible in the USA or Canada.

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit:
  • Lecture payment 1:
  • Lecture payment 2:
  • Outreach payment 1:
  • Outreach payment 2:
  • $500 due within ten days of acceptance
  • $1,500 due 30 days prior to the start of lecture phase
  • $1,500 due seven days prior to the start of lecture phase
  • 50% of total outreach fees due by end of week 3 of lecture phase
  • All remaining outreach fees due by end of week 6 of lecture phase