Staff Application

Application Instructions:

  1. Complete and submit the following staff application
  2. Submit the $50 application fee either online or mailed to the USA office: P.O. Box 4555 Kailua Kona, HI 96745 USA
  3. Identify and forward links to both references on the left (1. YWAM DTS or Base Leader, 2. one of your leaders in YWAM or current employer.
  4. Email a current photo to
  5. Download and complete the medical form and email it as an attachment to unless you have one on file with YWAM DP within 2 years of this application.  

Personal Information

*Please note that YWAM Destination Paradise does not accept married applicants applying alone.


Work Experience

Giftings/ Talents/ Abilities





In an effort to get to know you better, please click the appropriate space for each characteristic accouding to your belief about yourself.  If you sincerely do not have an opinion about a specific trait, click 'Not Known'.  Consider the average to be a resonably well adjusted individual who is qualified for full time Christian service.

Personal Character

Emotional Maturity

Spiritual Maturity

Leadership Potential

Social Adaptability

Do you have any of these tendencies?

Finances/ Releases...

Staff Fees range from $200 - $350 US dollars per month depending on commitment

Covers room and board.

Staff personal budget needs to cover

  • Giving
  • Staff Fees
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Items
  • Accrual of funds to travel/support raise
  • Other items as desired
YWAM DP recommends a personal budget of at least $700/mo

Release of Liability

I do hearby release Youth WIth A Mission International, YWAM Destination Paradise, it's staff, agents and volunteer assistants any and all liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage or loss which may be sustained by applicant during involvement with YWAM.

Medical Insurance Declaration

I understand that a requirement for participation as a staff member with YWAM Destination Paradise is that valid medical insurance must be had or obtained for the duration of my service and that coverage must include the provsion to transport insured to the developed world in the event that advanced medical care is required.

Consent for Treatment

In case of emergency, I hereby agree to the performance of such treatment  including anesthesia and surgery, that the attending doctor or physician may deem necessary

Burial Statement

We at YWAM Destination Paradise encourage each staff member, prospective student, and volunteer to seriously consider some possible concequences of missions work and training.  Although death is extremely rare in service with Youth With a Mission internationally, it is nevertheless an experience that awaits each one eventually.  It is important that we all prepare for such possibilities and have a clear plan of action if such instances arise during our time of study or service within Youth With A Mission.  

In case of death, YWAM Destination Paradise cannot commit to cover the expense of burial or transport home from the country of death, developed or undeveloped countries alike.

I agree that in case of my death while participating with YWAM Destination Paradise in any way, that they may carry out the burial in the location of the deceased.  If my family desires to see the body shipped home, they will agree to cover all expenses incurred.  I hearby absolve YWAM Destination Paradsie, YWAM International, its staff and associates, from any responsibility for burial costs.


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